Google Holds Event on Thursday

Google has sent out invitations to an event on Thursday, but it is reportedly not about Nexus 5, but Google Play Big.

Right now awaiting most media who write about the mobile industry, the official announcement of the Google Nexus 5, therefore, expected most also that a new invitation from Google for an event on 24.October in New York City was about Nexus 5. It writes our site.

But now it seems that event later this week so “only” deals with Google Play. In the invitation stands; -“Join us for a night out with Google Play. Music, movies, games, and a special performance by Capital Cities “.

There have been numerous leaks about Nexus 5 otherwise, as late as today, we have brought the Danish prices and launch dates from our site.

Google has not yet even announced anything official out around the Nexus 5.