Google Home: the Home’s Personal Assistant

There was room for more than new mobiles and VR headset for Google’s big event, and one of the exciting other thing is Google’s new Web Assistant, Google Home.

For yesterday’s big Google event we got a wide range of news from the U.S. search giant, and, among other things. so two new phones and a new Chromecast light.

But also the already proclaimed the home-Assistant Google Home got lifted a little more of her veil, so here are 5 things that Google yesterday told about their clever Assistant to the home front.

1. say “Ok Google”

Google presented to the event an enormous focus on their new Assistant, Google Assistant, which will be an integral part of both the new Pixel-phones as well as this new home-sculpture Google Home.

With this new voice control is everything needed to get started, the words “Ok Google”, so Google is ready to spit out information in the head at you.


2. Good at making noise-Good to listen

In addition to act as your own personal assistant, is Google actually also a speaker in the Home itself and was said to be able to deliver crystal clear hi-fi sound with strong bass.

In the playback of music one might fear that Google Home will not be able to hear you if you must stop it again or get it to perform other commands, but here, Google has developed the microphones so that they can hear you far away from and even if there is much noise about.

Have a grip on you and your day

With a simple “good morning” puts you in Google Home again and it gives you a little briefing about your whole day, both with regard to your calendar, the weather forecast for the day, the traffic on the way to work and much more.

In addition, it can help you get a handle on all the everyday problems, and you can easily add things to your shopping list, get answers to math questions if homework teases or quite simple to turn heads or tails, if there is a case that should be decided in the family.


4. Google Home covers the entire home

As more and more of our stuff in the home becomes more intelligent, of course, it is also an area in which Google Home have mastered. With you in connection with your Home can already Smart bulbs, thermostats, locking, etc. Verify much of your home with the voice.

A very smart ability is Google Homes cooperate with Google’s Chromecast where you can throw everything conceivable content onto the Tv just by using your voice. Thus, you can dictate “Show Justin Timberlake’s new music video” and soon after playing content on your flat screen.

5. Price and availability

Here is the story once again the same, and the large ones come first. There is not yet announced anything official out on when we can expect to get Google Home in the Danish homes, but for Americans it should be available around november.

The price lands on 129 $ and thus we can well expect us a Danish price on slightly less than 1,000 kronor.

Watch the video below or read more about Google Home on their own page here.