Google is Watching Us Lol Domains and .docs for Internet

The Google said just now that participates in the process promoted by ICANN, the maximum and transnational body for regulation of Internet domains, for new addresses ending in words or terms associated with the brand. This is the first time that the search giant details how you want to use the new possibilities for creating more interesting user experiences.

Many TLDs (the site prefix, such as .com or .net) received purchase order sent by Google. Most obvious of all, .google possibly will become the page to which the company directs the worldwide Internet. However, this behavior so far is speculation made ​​by the team our site.

Google says it will protect trademarks it holds on applications for proprietary TLDs. The prefix. Youtube could “increase the ease with which YouTube channels and genres are identified.”

Services not just brands, but usually appear linked to Google also entered the dispute. The company calls the .docs, clear reference to the online application suite Google Docs(now unified with the virtual drive of the company ). If Google will gain registration as generic prefix is another discussion. The company is trying and for now that’s what matters.

Domains “interesting or creative potential” enter the company’s applications list. The lol, presumably for funny sites, was quoted by the company in an article published on the official blog.

This Google positioning is important for the company puts the bare his intentions with the new TLDs that soon will allow ICANN. Several experts agree that the change in the structure of the internet can profoundly alter the aesthetics of the Internet: leave and enter semantic prefixes, so to speak, or that confirm the involvement of the brand – as the procedures to get one of these are several.

Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet, says in the article that Google will work in partnership with ICANN to protect trademark corporations. Also important for the company highlights the maintenance of good relations with partners.