Google Know Where the Cheapest Plane Tickets

After a logo hiatus period between the purchase of the company ITA Software and launching something new, Google has this week the Google Flights. As the service name suggests, the company seeks happens to centralize information about airline flights and airline tickets in a specific page of your powerful research system.

For now running only in the United States, Google Flights allows the user to check dates and times of flights, depending on the city of origin and destination city. As with any type service, Google allows you to filter the information to show only travel between two certain airports, for example, or just trips that take place on a certain day of the week.

Announcing the acquisition of ITA Software in July 2010 Google knew it would face claims from other companies that do the same thing. A software group of companies focused on aviation even initiated lawsuits and launched a campaign to shed light on the alleged advantage of Googlepólio. In the end, the justice American determined that the business could be realized, since the search giant to license ITA’s technology to other companies.

From what I could see, Google Flights is a kind of captained by a huge company that has already established itself on the internet. The great advantage that Google does this release is to link the searches like ‘Chicado flight to New York’ the results available on Flights – a way to bring more convenience to Internet users.

How could it be, Google takes a part of the price paid by passengers who purchase travel tickets after doing a search on Google Flights. Fair enough (besides being a standard procedure in type sites).