Google Might Want to Continue to Sell Nexus 5

Nexus 6 has just presented, but there are many indications that Google will continue sales of Nexus 5

Yesterday Google presented some new products, including a new Nexus 6 smartphone. It has, however, already in advance received little criticism for being too big. The new 6 gets is for almost 6 inches, while the old is 5 inches.

Many Nexus 5 fans were hoping for an update of the device, but it was only for a big brother. However, indications that the Nexus 5 allowed to live on. You go into the American Google Play store is tablets Nexus 7 and 10 not to buy anymore, but you can still buy Nexus 5.

At the same time, Google has updated the image of Nexus 5, so one can see that the device runs Android 5.0, also called Lollipop.

It looks so out to Nexus 6 is not intended to replace the Nexus 5, but just be a big brother, while little brother gets to live, at least a little time yet. In the Danish Play store you can also still purchasing of Nexus 5, but also the Nexus 7.

You had hoped for a new and faster Nexus 5?