Google on the Road with New App-Reward for Users

New application gives Google insight into your smartphone use against an unknown reward for users.

According to the website Engadget, so Google should be on the road with a new project, which in all its simplicity, is an application, that documents and records the same smartphone usage and sends it back to Google. It writes our site.

The application should get the name “Mobile Meter” and be both Android and iOS devices.

Although this smartphone use is already happening to some extent for Android owners, who must opt not to send user information back to Google-it should therefore be a little differently going forward, where also things you do in third-party applications are recorded.

Sources tells Engadget that the system would give users who are willing to let it monitor like this one or other form of reward. However, it is unknown if it is in the form of cash or in-kind, such as Google, for example, the free storage space on the Google Drive.

Similar applications is already being used with research agencies, when they must collect statistical information into on our mobile use.