Google+ Opens Doors to New Users and Closes to Companies [Updated]

The Google + began as a test with a small group of people. This group was gradually expanded late last month when the company started to allow invitations were sent. Now and then some users could enter without invitation, but this free space quota was filled quickly and the network closed the doors again.

Yesterday users were able to register without the need for a direct invitation, although they can still be sent. To enter the social network was enough to have a Google account, access the home page of it and be willing to have a Google Profiles public. Oh, and you can not also be less than 18 years, but Google+ will give you with the guy at the door.

In fact, not only minors who are forbidden to enter the social network. According toreports the site The Next Web, company profiles are already being deleted from the site. Google wants, at least for now, its new social network is only populated by flesh and blood people profiles.

Companies should expect the activation of a specific account for organizations on Google+, something that can happen in the future. Or not.

Update at 10:50 | We have multiple reports from readers who managed to enter with invitations sent from yesterday and also people who gave to the guy at the door. Apparently Google+ is working only in invitations base.

Update at 11: 30 | As many readers pointed out, the register is being allowed by invitation only. But this system is working for some, not for all. There seems to be some luck involved factor, then when trying to register, remember to have a rabbit’s foot to the side.

Update at 11:45 | A small correction in information. While the invitations delivery system was opened yesterday, not everyone who tried to log in to Google+ with your Google account managed a profile Many people reported on Twitter that succeeded, but certainly do not seem to be most. The text was changed to reflect this information.