Google Pixel and the Pixel XL: Price and Availability

The two new top models from Google, Pixel and the Pixel XL, is tonight’s launch. See what the two smartphones cost and when you can buy them.

The wait is finally over. Google has this evening unveiled the long-awaited Pixel-smartphones, which must follow up on Nexus-series.

In recent months, there has been ongoing several rumors that have indicated that these two new Pixel-phones are not going to be in the same price range as relatively low past Nexus phones and there is also something about.

Google has already uncovered foreign prices of the phones in its Web store-however, not Danish. Here we see that as a minimum you must find $ 649 out of your Pocket if you want one of Google’s new phones. For that price you get the smallest model, the Pixel, with 32 GB.

The price will be higher, if you must, of course, up in the larger Pixel XL, just as you also have to pay extra, if you want to have 128 GB of storage (both in Pixel and the Pixel XL) above 32 GB. The highest price you will find so by Pixel XL with 128 GB, where you need to with $ 869.

But how much is it in Danish kroner? In the table below you can get a full overview of the prices of the phones, which our site gives a conservative guess at what the possible Danish prices will sound.They are calculated on the basis of German prices, there has traditionally been a bit lower than the Danish prices.

32 GB € 759 (ca. 5,799 kr.)
128 GB € 869 (ca. us $ 6,499.)


32 GB € 899 (approx. 6,799 DKK)
128 GB € 1009 (ca. us $ 7,499.)

Can be pre-ordered in the first countries

The two Pixel-phones are not yet available in Denmark, but only in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Australia, where they just now can be pre-ordered.
Here you can choose both phones in the three colors silver, black or blue – or as Google calls them: ‘Very Silver’, ‘Black’ or ‘Really Quite Blue’. The latter, however, is only reserved for the United States.

If you want a copy of the Pixels or Pixel XL, there is nothing more for than just to wait. Google Denmark can at this stage not disclose something to our site about price and available here at home.