Google Pixel Camera to the Test: See the First Photos Here

Google believes itself to their Pixel-smartphone has the best mobile camera ever. See the photos here, and judge for yourself.

Google’s successor to the Nexus phones, the two new Pixel-the best mobile camera phones ever-according to the company itself and test specialists from French DXOMark.

When a new topmobil is introduced, however, it is no longer enough just to be satisfied with the talk. There should be pictures on the table-just like back then, Apple showed off the iPhone 7 qualities as a sports camera and Microsoft showed what Lumia 950 coulddeliver photos.

Therefore, releases the Chief developer at Google’s camera team, Isaac Reynolds, a stripe of the best photos as the team behind Pixel camera has been shot.

“We talked about Pixel camera as being some of the best thing about the new Pixel” he writes on the Google product forum “but you have to see it to believe it, so we want to share our best photos taken with Pixel”

Below you can see a selection of Reynolds ‘ Gallery of Pixel photos. Living Pixel up to the title as the best mobile camera ever?