Google Pixel Launched the Sly-Here Is the News

Latest leak on Google two star phones gives a very precise idea of what the phones will offer. Here is the news.

It is only in the morning that Google’s two new smartphones should have their debut-but a leak from the e-retailer Carphone Warehouse’s website, give a full insight into exactly what Google will offer with the two Pixel mobiles.

The information is unofficial, but is based on Google’s kind of material and from this it can be seen that they will share a common look, a brand new topprocessor, as well as some yet unreleased software functions.

A new outer

With the exception of last years top model, Google Nexus 6 p, is it a long time ago that the search giant has wrapped its phones in an exclusive metal exterior.

It is, however, nothing less than full metal suit for the two phones that get a rounded metal sheath. Only breakage, will be a flat on the back which will save on antennas, camera as well as a fingerprint reader.

The phones will be smaller than last year’s two Nexus phones with displays that shrinks with 0.2 inch compared to Nexus 5 x and Nexus 6 p. This means that the smallest Pixel-mobile get a 5 inch Full HD display, while the largest offers on 5.5 inch Quad HD.

In contrast to previous Nexus phones, it is only Google’s name that is on your phone. Although it is rumored that it is Taiwanese HTC who is behind the production, is Pixel now purely a Google product.

Updated forces

Under the hood, it is a udboret variant of this spring’s strongest processor from Qualcomm, which is Pixel-the phones will drive forward.

With a topfrekvens on 2.2 GHz processor spin 10 percent faster than the spring topmobiler, which should, along with Google’s minimal interface, provide an unmatched performance.

Antenna gain a boost, by supporting the latest LTE class 12, which allows data rates up to 600 mbps – mind you only if your mobile network supports it.

The battery capacity is unchanged compared to the previous, but the smaller display and the more advanced processor should ceteris paribus provide a better operating time. Quick-charge continues to be supported and promise now 7 hours of extra life to your phone after just a 15-minute refueling.

On paper, the camera in the two Nexus phones the same as Nexus 6 p. Here guests can enjoy 12.3 mega pixel with particularly bright pixels (1.55 μm) and a bright f/2.0 lens with stabilization. Front camera is 8 megapixels.
Storage space will be on either 32 or 128 GB and can, according to leaked be expanded with up to 256 GB micro-SD. However, with all the previous information the latter is contrary to leak, and must therefore be taken with a grain of salt until Google’s confirmation.


Android with a particular Google feature

With Nexus phones always included with your version of the operating system Android – and it follows shame also with Google’s Pixel-phones.

Android version is now called 7.1 ‘ Nougat ‘, featuring a further development of the ‘ Google Now ‘ which is now called Search Assistant.

It can be controlled by voice, or hives produced by a long press on the home button. The reported as being tailored version of Google which will be better and better the more you use it.

With the new Android follows Google’s two new chat apps, Allo and Duo. Allo mixing messages with Google’s search expertise, so you can share, respond more quickly or find relevant search results. On the other hand, against the simpler searches go Duo by being dedicated to simple and intuitive video chat.

Price coming tomorrow

Two essential details about the two new Pixel-phones still have: Price and availability.

With a scheduled press event tomorrow at 6 p.m. Danish time, Google will present the two new units and the last question will likely be answered.

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