Google Teams with Nexus Partners

If a mobile manufacturer will be Nexus-partner with Google, it is a blueprint, believes a producer.

Since the first Nexus smartphone from Google saw the light of day in January 2010, it has triggered additional attention in the mobile industry and among end customers when new Nexus phones has been revealed.

The extra attention is contagious also of on your business partner, that Google has chosen to each phone.

HTC was partner at the first Google phone, the Nexus One. Samsung Nexus S and Galaxy produced Nexus, while Nexus 4 and 5 have been LG products.

-“Nexus 4 has meant a lot to us correctly. With Google in the back so we’ve gotten a spinal tap, which we are really excited. Google goes in and choose a partner, and after the good sale on Nexus 4, Google has again selected us, “says LGs Danish country Manager Morten Aagaard.

He calls it, as a blueprint for a producer when Google enters into a cooperation about Nexus.

Sony is one of the producers, who have not yet had a Nexus-product in the portfolio.

Development of Nexus products happens exclusively with the selected partner for development use will have access to the latest major version of the Android operating system. Only after the Nexus phone is announced, will get the other collaborators on the Android platform, access to the code.