Google Wants to be Your Credit Card to Google Wallet

Announced without much fanfare last May during the conference Google I / O, the Google Wallet started its activities on Monday (19) in the US. The service is only available to the select group of owners of the smartphone Nexus S 4G from US carrier Sprint.

Such technology is only possible thanks to the NFC sensor – or Near Field Communication, chip that allows wireless data exchange between devices that are just a little centimeters of each other – that exists on the device, which should be updated to the latest version of Android available for the phone to be enabled.

According to Google, the American Express, Visa and Discover are already compatible with the new service, which now add up to Citi Mastercard already participated in the internal technology tests. To those who are concerned about possible security breaches, the web giant says that credit card information is stored on a dedicated chip, which means more protection against unauthorized access of malicious programs. In addition, the new cards have limit of only $ 100 until your user feel more secure and expand its limit.

To promote the new service, Google released a promotional video of the Wallet, which uses based on a classic episode of Seinfeld show. Check it: