Google Working on AirDrop-Competitor

It seems that Google will make it easier to share files between mobile devices with Copresence.

When you dig a little in the codes of the various apps and services, so we sometimes encounter on exciting things. One of the things looks to be Copresence, as a developer have fallen over in some of Google’s codes.

The code is found in Google’s Play Services, and it points to a system that uses location-based information to know who you should be able to share with it will either be Away. WiFi or WiFi direct, which is responsible for the actual transfer.

It might seem that the function can be closely associated with Google’s Hangouts-app-especially if you look at the pictures that have appeared in the found code. Hangouts – the icon is very prominent.

Apple is also welcome

If you have an Apple product with iOS, so is it perhaps used to AirDrop, which however can only be used between Apple devices. Google’s version appears to include Apple’s phones and tablets, so that one can freely share between Android and iOS.

It aligns nicely with the close connection to the Hangouts, there already exist as an app for iPhones and iPads. The same applies for Google’s Chromecast, there also can be used with iOS devices.

In addition, there has also been talk of Copresence in Chrome, and it opens up, it is a feature that can be baked into apps — like Chromecast function.