Google’s Android-Powered Laptop Deferred to Next Year

The device that was supposed to connect Google’s smartphone, tablet and laptop software in one and the same device seems to be deferred by one year.

The fusion of Google’s Android and ChromeOS is on the drawing board, but several sources pointing in mind, however, that it takes a considerable time before the first laptops benefit from the merger.

The unifying operating system goes by the codename Andromeda, and rumored to have his official debut as early as next week-but without any associated hardware that Google would otherwise have the habit.

The first laptop born with Andromeda can actually wait a long time. According to Android Police, according to two separate sources, that the first Pixel laptop first will get its sales starting in the third quarter of 2017.

Vanishingly thin

Although there is a long time for, certain information about the Andromeda laptopen let out. It lives under the code name ‘ Bison ‘ and will add distance to Chromebook segment. It will be first and foremost a laptop that can run Android apps, but which will integrate features from both the Chrome browser and ChromeOS.

The very laptopen will offer a 12.3 “large display and will at the same time offer a dedicated tablet-mode. Whether or not the final design will be fold bart, as Lenovo Yoga-series or have a detachable keyboard that Microsoft Surface or the iPad Pro remains to be seen. But the device is thin, with a profile of less than 10 mm.

Forces will be supplied by Intel’s laptop-series of processors, where both the Core and Core i5 Cpus m3 will be mentioned. RAM will be enough with either 8 or 16 GB on board, while the storage space will be more limited with either a 32 GB or 128 GB to choose from.

Google Bison will have two USB ports for either C or charging accessories. By ektraudstyr is a dedicated Wacom pen planned.

The debut price of 799 u.s. dollars will place Google Bison in the same segment as Microsoft’s comparable hybrid tablet, Surface Pro 4.

Hear more next week

How Google’s laptop plans will eventually look like, will certainly be fleshed out when the company next week is holding their big press event for the fall. Follow therefore here at on 4. October, where Google’s plans will be followed closely.