Google’s Enemy Is Death and the Latest Weapon to Be in the Blood

Some parts of Google is not about Android and mobiles, as for example Google X, that will cure the death.

When Google sits down and think about things, so think they are bigger than most of the rest of us. The latest project from Google X, which is the Department to address humanity’s problems is to cure diseases by detecting them from inside the body.

Google will make some nanoparticles, which is one thousandth of the width of a red blood cell that can sit stuck on some specific cells. From there it can then identify some markers for example, cancer.

On the way one would for example on his smartphone can have an app that could report on any diseases in the body-from inside the body in real time.

“In essence, our enemy is death”

Although over 100 people at Google working on this project, so there is still a long way to go. Google needs to figure out a lot of detail in the style of how many of these nanoparticles, entering in the body.When the details are in place, then there are many and long testing and approval procedures before this method can come into use.

This does not, however, that Google is very clear in words about what is the goal of the Google X.

“In essence, our enemy is death. Our enemy is unnecessary death. We have the technology to do something, and that is why we must use energy on it, “says Andrew Conrad, who is head of the Google X.

Although there is still a long way to this method so that it is certain to get Google to send these nanoparticles enter the body, it opens up a whole new aspect in the debate over private data and data security.