Google’s Original Pixel-Level Went into the Sink

The idea was that there should be Huawei on Google’s Pixel-mobile. But the partnership did not work out.

When Google produces smartphones and tablets to their Nexus and Pixel-series allying the search giant itself with an established producer.

In the case of the Nexus 6 p, should the partnership between Google and Huawei grow much larger. Together, the two giants should penetrate into the entrenched American market, where telecommunications companies at its discretion determine which phones are hitter-and which ones are flops.

On the news blog Android Police sounds from sources close to the negotiations, that Huaweis and Google’s plans were far more ambitious-and how these finally went into the sink.

A promising start

In 2015, it was Chinese-American competition kicked off. Together the two companies developed the critically-acclaimed Nexus 6 p. This phone should, together with Nexus 5 x, get up herself at the four major American telecommunications giants: Verizon, AT & T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

It should at the same time, lay the seeds of an ambitious streak of three successive Pixel-products by 2016.

Both companies gave each other join hands to invest billions in a massive joint marketing. The agreement was simple: one company would have to match the other’s markedføringskrone and vice-versa.

How should it not go.

Negotiations with the four telecommunications giants broke down, and none of the established American telecommunications companies got Google and Huaweis Nexus-products on the shelves.


Crunch in the relationship

The failed agreement did, to Google and Huawei had to make do with their own websites to sell Nexus-mobiles. A ekslusivitetsaftale also made that there would go weeks before that big e-shops like Amazon, Best Buy and B & H could sell reviewer favorite.

When Google finally demanded that the Huaweis logo should be removed completely from the 2016 generation of Pixels-telephones smoke parløbet of the track. Huaweis Executive Director Richard Yu took even affair and ended cooperation promptly.

The result will be as we see it today. Google Pixel series offers two models, and only now is the search giant remains undisturbed plan B, HTC, maker of Google’s two topmobiler.

Google and Huawei is not, however, more distant than that other collaborations may occur in the future.A Huawei-manufactured Google tablet will be the rumor and Huaweis Kirin processors will work with Google Daydream VR. technology.