Gorilla Glass 5 Is as Scratch Resistant as Gorilla Glass 4

A new video shows that you do not yet need to be worried if your smartphone has Gorilla Glass 5. It is in fact just as scratch resistant as Gorilla Glass 4.

Back in June, the company launched the fifth generation of the widely used Corning Gorilla Glass, which screens in the vast majority of smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets are equipped with smartwatches.

Not long after, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 published asthe first smartphone with the new and even more resilient glass. YouTube user JerryRigEverything sat down, therefore, in order to make his usual scratch test by examining where on the Mohs’ hardness scale so called scratches are visible.

The scale goes from 1-10 with 10 as the hardest material being tested with (diamond), but already at step 3 was seen the first light scratches on Gorilla Glass 5-screen Galaxy in Note 7.

It got Corning to comment on the video, which did not agree with, that it was done under sufficiently controlled conditions-and now it turns out that there is some truth.

The same YouTube user has released a follow-up to the original test. After a long period of study is the creator behind the videos, Zach, arrived at that Gorilla Glass 5 actually is as scratch resistant as its predecessor, Gorilla Glass 4. Thus arises the scratches only at the step 6 above step 3, which means that there must be significantly harder materials for, before visible scratches left on the screen.

The cause of the erroneous result of the original video is that the pointed tools, which are used to scratch the screen with, had been honed on an accompanying grinding stones. It has left small, microscopic residues of a harder material on the pointy instruments which he has tested on your phone. When, therefore, he has scratched Gorilla Glass 5 with what was supposed to be step 3 on Mohs ‘ scale, it has in fact been around step about 8-so a much harder material.

It explains how scratches apparently could occur so easily in his first test, and why the first occurs at step 6, after he has purchased a brand new set with the pointed tools to test how scratch-resistant screen is.

You must therefore invest in a new smartphone in the coming months, arriving with Gorilla Glass 5, there is no reason for concern. The screen is not only just as scratch resistant as the current smartphones with Gorilla Glass 4, but also more resistant to knocks, where the glass can withstand falls of up to 1.6 meters distance.