Great Update for Pokémon GO Is on the Way

Niantic, the company behind on Pokémon GO, is on the road with a big update for the still popular mobile games. Soon it will be easier to work out pokémonner.

Soon it will be even easier to train your many pokémonner in strengthening centres (Gyms) belonging to your team. A major update is as as on the way to the mobile game, which this summer hit in unprecedented high level.

On his website describes the Niantic the new update that will mean more big changes by pokémonner in strength training centres that belong to your team.

At this point you can take only 1 pokémon with into a strength center, if you want to train it. The upcoming update, on the other hand, will make it possible to bring the entire 6 pokémonner with it, which you can use to fight with.

At the same time, makes it also more fun for players in Niantic lower levels to train pokémonner in the team’s strength centers. Your opponent’s pokémons CP (combat points/battle points) can be done in the future update temporarily lower to match the level, as your own pokémon is in.

It is still unclear when the update rolls out to Android and iOS app. Niantic mentions only that the news will be available in a future release of Pokémon ‘GO’.


Find more pokémonner of the same type

Another novelty is also on the way to the Pokémon GO. On Facebook revealed the official Pokémon GO-page yesterday, that you soon will receive a bonus when you are rewarded with bronze, silver or gold medals after finding multiple pokémonner with the same properties.

For example, if you want to earn ‘ Kindler’ medal in bronze, you must capture 10 ildpokémonner. In addition to a bonus gives you a higher chance of medals to catch similar pokémonner elsewhere. This news ‘ coming soon, ‘ illuminates Niantic.