Guide to Wedding Invitation

When the date of the wedding is put, invitations go out in a hurry. There are no rules for how it should look like, and what it should be, but here are a few tips.

Wedding ceremony, reception and wedding party – who is going to what?

I have many, want to your wedding, but that’s not all, you will have with it all. It is very normal to divide your guests into two categories – customers who must be involved throughout the day and evening at the party, and guests who are invited to the wedding ceremony and subsequent reception. Choose to have customers with in both categories, you also have two different invitations, since the information is different.

Wedding guests, who are invited to throughout the day and evening should know:

– date of the wedding ceremony

– time and place of the wedding ceremony

– time and place of reception

– time and place of the wedding dinner/party

– deadline to thank Yes or no to the invitation

Wedding guests, who are invited to the wedding ceremony and reception need to know:

– date of the wedding ceremony

– time and place of the wedding ceremony

– time and place of reception

All the convenience

In addition, there are a number of practical information that can be good to have in the invitation, depending on what kind of wedding in the holder.

Transport from church to reception and party place: If in providing transportation, it’s a good idea to post this. Have you rented a bus that transports guests assembled? Or offer to arrange carpooling for guests who need to drive? Write how it takes place, as well as which customers they should contact if they want to get a lift from church to reception or party.

Accommodation after the party: it is possible to book a room, where the party is held at a good price? Or are there accommodations nearby, where one as wedding guest can occupy? Or is there accommodation to all guests included in the arrangement?

Toastmaster: who is the evening’s toast master? Remember the toast master’s contact information. In may also want to ask your Toastmaster send an email out after following and make themselves known and write a little practical information, eg invite to be brief if there are many guests, or have checked technique if that involved computer or sound in the feature.

Gift Coordinator: It is a good idea to designate a gift Coordinator, as in don’t get too many duplicates. It’s kind of poor style to enclose the wish list together with the invitations. Let better customers to get the extradition request. Enter the gift Coordinator name and contact data. There are also many planning tools on the Web, as in use and subsequently send out online. It is quite normal that the customers who “only” participant to the wedding ceremony and reception also bring a small gift for the bridal couple. But also here that do not enclose wishlist or write something about gift Coordinator, and let guests themselves turn instead, if they want your wishlist.

Dress code: What do you want your guests to come dressed in? Formal wear, prom, or cause to be in it up to guests? Although in perhaps do not like you to write guidelines for this, it is important to have with, as it can trigger a sea of questions for you, because no one wants to get over-or underdressed. It is most natural to write about the dress code for the guests who are invited to the party.

Breakfast/brunch: Keeps in wedding where guests spend the night, it is very normal to eat breakfast together the next day, and maybe open the presents here. Write if breakfast is included, or that customers have the possibility to buy breakfast at a good price, before driving home.


There are some reservations, guests should be aware of? And ask of you e.g. speeches, songs, kissing rounds or something? Be sure to get it with.


If ye keep not reception and don’t have room for all the party, you can invite to globryllup. Some choose simply to say the date and time to colleagues and friends, and announce that they are welcome to attend the wedding ceremony. Another possibility is to send a more informal invitation out on mail and invite to globryllup. In may here consider buying something Fizz and little snacks, which you can open in front of the Church and servers. Remember to write this in the invitation.


If not want to fill your fine invitation with too many practical information, you can put all the information on a website or a blog. It is very popular, and here you can write about everything from courtship to the simple details. Depending on your guests ‘ use of social media can also create an event or page on Facebook and update your customers here.