Hackers Threaten Dropbox Users: 7 Million Accounts in Games

A pastebin-anonymous user threatening to leak information on 7 million Dropbox login accounts.

After this weekend’s Snap chat-leak, it is now Cloud storage service Dropbox now is in hacker’s eye. An anonymous user on developer-service pastebin.com leaked yesterday login information on 400 Dropbox accounts.

The first accounts are, according to the attacker himself, only a foretaste of the over 6.9 million accounts as the hacker may release. The anonymous attacker calls now bitcoin payments against the publication of the remaining accounts.

The collection has paid off, for even a streak accounts was released today. It writes our site.

Dropbox: we haven’t been hacked

In the wake of the alleged leak, assures Dropbox that users ‘ data is in safe hands. On Dropbox’s blog points out that the leaked service login information has been intercepted elsewhere.

Dropbox stresses at the same time that they employ security measures, which monitors for suspicious activity, and automatically resets the login information in case of questionable activity.

Dropbox takes the opportunity to advise users not to reuse passwords across services. At the same time recommends the service to beat two-factor authentication when you use DropBox.