Hamlet Zelig Pad Quad Core

After the many models presented last may, Hamlet relaunches with new quad-core models and a small range of car accessories, all obviously full of Christmas more and more imminent. What is certain is that this year will be harder for cheap tablets, they will find on their way the fierce competition made in Google.

A comfortable integrated 3 g tablet with 9.7-inch large screen and lots of new accessories to use your tablet or iPad car shop Exagerate by 2012 will be the coolest Christmas present Hamlet.

Taipei, Taiwan, November 7 2012–a series of new proposals come into rich line of tablet PC with Android 4.0 and accessories Zelig Pav signed Exagerate by Hamlet, just in time to be put under the tree for the holiday season.

Ideal gift for all those who want a complete and integrated 3 g connectivity with multitouch tablet, to be able to connect to the Internet anywhere and with maximum freedom, is the new 970H3G Pad Zelig, a solution with a large LCD IPS from 9.7 “resolution (299 EurosVAT included).

For those who have a limited budget but want to surprise your friends and family by giving away a tablet, there are several proposals ranging from 129 Euros for the small display and Zelig 700, Pad 7 inch capacitive touch to 149 Euros forZelig Pad 750, can offer more power with the same weight (350 g), up to modelZelig Pad 703G that with a price of 229 Euros, also has 3 g built in, perfect for those who want to stay connected and stay in touch with social networks.

Dedicated to those who seek the ultimate in performance and always want the most advanced solutions, will be on sale soon new Zelig Pad 970H4, equipped with 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor for maximum smoothness of use and viewing.

But in the line Zelig Pad could not miss interesting gift ideas for those who already own a tablet PC or iPad.

Ideal for those who want to use your device while away to entertain the kids sitting in the back seats and those wishing to use the tablet as GPS, are the newZelig Pad Holder (19, 90Euro), practical and durable universal holders for cars, accommodating 12.1 tablet PC with 8-inch display ″ ″ and available both for windshield that for headrest.

These are just a few of the many designer accessories Exagerate by Hamlet, which are a useful thought for all owners of tablet PC, among which we find the original enclosures, protective films for the display, capacitive pens and Mini USB cable to connect 3 g dongles a comfy, pendrive, external mouse and keyboard.

You can find more info and all the technical characteristics of the products in the line at liuxers.com.