Hand Work a Special Sweater Coat

I think it was in late autumn as dieAnfrage of a Strickbloggers in the House flapped me whether I would like to cooperate on the issue of knitting.

Thorsten offered me by just duit.work to knit a Cardigan and a scarf, I could pick out the colors and the rest would be a surprise.

Now I found a great idea! I like cardigans and I think it’s super that he knit is so engaged his heart theme is dedicated to. In addition, small collaborations among fellow bloggers are too rare!

A very good friend of mine working too much, therefore the picture of a knitting man is no stranger to me but not all people, this is how, Thorsten makes off and subsequent experience: “I knit in the train. People respond just irritated and women see me at sometimes, men but never. “I’m often also workshops in wool stores and because customers are also sometimes irritated when they notice that I do not on the course, but give him.

I had almost forgotten our deal and was delighted, when recently got a message from him, that things would be done soon. When the package arrived, I’ve directly in the coat and the scarves in love. You can tell immediately it’s hand work and the quality of the wool! How much work, time and material really in this coat (the man as Duster coat – which are absolutely straight in the spring, could call) is, I will tell you later. Caveat: has your tongue me!

Thorsten knits for 40 years, by the way – has it was learned by his Grandma, has earned with knitting and crocheting baby things, something to do. He had longer breaks of not knitting, but since a few years there are so many new yarn qualities and designers who develop exciting parts for men, that it was easy for him again totally exciting lt. Thorsten. He also likes it, his own designs in its size and exactly with the wool in his favorite to – individuality pur.

For him, knitting is a perfect example of a networked world in the best sense. He loves the inspiration he gets from Instagram, Pinterest, or other Web pages. In addition, he can order is the most exciting and unusual yarns from around the world in the wildest dyes. He loves but also the local wool shops where he can go and touch – all Stricker are complete namely according to his statement “nerds and want immediately touching“. In spite of this networking and the digital impressions, is deeply analog knitting at the end:

A thread, two needles and a regular meditative movement and the thread turns into something portable that is completely customizable.

In knitting, Thorsten switches off and netflixt it.

He knits but just not just the stuff for its needs, but also passes its experiences and knowledge: Thorsten has an own blog, where there are regular information on wool fabrics, designs or exciting events around the knitting. On the blog, he informed about workshops, he gives special knitting techniques.

In addition to the blog, he has a Facebook group called MännerMaschen, where creative input for portable Männersachen is exchanged. In the group men and women are welcome, who post their portable men fashion and inspiration to the Group!

Tony’s gets its wool usually at his favorite wool shipping Schmeichel yarns. He likes the concept because the warden, Britta Kremke, is traveling around the world and small, exciting wool producers, who are otherwise not to buy it in Germany and provides their qualities in their shop. There are also extremely unusual and beautiful yarns and more recently also exclusive designs from him – of course for man-grade stuff.

He likes the Holey design of scarf way, especially because it is so playful and the to the scarf with snap hook helps to combine it again and again. In addition, the karabiner for Thorsten is a cool contrast to the wool.

A good example, especially those on schmeichelgarne.de can be sold wool, is the yarn to the Green scarf. The yarn “Milo” is an “ideal man yarn” a mixture of wool and linen – cooling and warming at the same time, optically rather robust and therefore for Thorsten.

The concept behind the company from Uruguay very impressed by Thorsten, especially because each Schatten characterizes their work with their own names. Manos del Uruguay is a non-profit organization. It was founded in 1968 to create jobs locally for the women living in the countryside.

Entrust can not Thorsten unfortunately:

“I’m actually not working as contract Stricker, if anyone particularly wants something but, I would let maybe with me. Actually, I convey the courage, to make things even better. My label already says: make it simple! “Just Duit!

A class statement, I think, to convince than others by the own passion and to provide them with the same fun as you have it myself, is something wonderful!

I’ll keep especially the coat in honor! Because he is not only beautiful and extremely comfortable to wear, but as already mentioned, it has really blew me away, when I heard how much work is fully inserted! I could previously do not estimate it. Thorsten could call any time, but he gave me a small assessment:

So as an approximate idea – I get a 50 g skein, depending on the pattern in about 2-3 hours.””The jacket you’re wearing here has consumed 24 skeins.

So do work on the coat at least less than 50 hours! More more! So not only visually and quality a special part, but also of the work of who’s behind it – almost priceless!

I found the insights in the knitting world, Thorsten has given me extremely exciting. Maybe you feel like now even get to knit, and ask your grandma all love, whether she to can knit friends one of the parts. I really appreciate even more now anyway, even the homegrown socks my dear aunt Nana and always in honor will keep and maintain good, that I have long delight. You can find the knitting patterns and each used yarns for the coat and the two scarves in the shop pink links.

The coat is still a brilliant part for the cool morning and evenings now in the spring anyway, and at the latest in autumn it is then fully used. Until then have worked in the Yes, possibly even your own jacket friends. Try out!

A help could for example So a video be: scarf Milo

Thorsten Duit is incidentally, 46, a plus size man clothing XXL-XXXL, is married and lives with his husband and dog in Cologne. More about Thorsten, his ideas and inspirations you can find on Facebook, Instagram, and on his blog.

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