Handbag Is a Woman’s Best Friend

Handbags are a bit of a Pandora’s box, because sometimes when you look inside, not enough to wonder what all we are able to accumulate. We are often surprised to find lipstick, lip balm, sunglasses that we had sought in vain. Despite handbag best friend who accompanies us on a walk, to work, to go shopping. Let’s handbags at the tooth.

Handbag Is a Woman's Best Friend

Handbags there are a plethora of species and today I will introduce my four most popular types. I’ll start with the most practical option handbags and that is the model that enjoy shopping. When I buy, I like both hands free, so in most cases we crossbody purse. Recent years are very trendy mini handbags, which are miniature classic handbag. Nude color is always helpful and everything and practical detachable strap whose length can be adjusted to your needs, allows handbag worn not only as a crossbody, but also on the shoulder or in the hand like a very elegant piece of clothing to a community. I chose her leisure time outfit: low boots with tassels fine and wearable heel and a color that perfectly matches the bag. Handbag see our site.

The second, equally practical type of handbag is elegant bag solid shape in black universal color. Find it here. There is an interesting combination of leather and textile material handbag differs from the usual boring black bags. This bag has a detachable crossbody strap and an interesting detail in the form of a castle. I deliberately took ankle boots, the heel is covered with crystals and so beautifully correspond with embellishments handbags. Given that the outside is relatively cold, warm coat and head cover are commonplace. On this model, the handbag you most appreciate its spaciousness, truly holds an incredible amount of things to documents, and fit and at meetings.

Regarding elegant classic psaníček, you can wear not only for social events for which they are primarily intended. Wear it anywhere where you do not need to take half of the apartment. They go into them basic necessities like keys, money, documents and phone. For today’s demonstration, I chose a classic black clutch with silver accents and a chain strap. Most of all I like about it is perforated top flap. I pulled on ankle boots in black, which matches the letter. Love letter can be found here.

As the last model represents a bag that can hold everything. It acts as a “black hole” – whatever you put into it, immediately eat and regurgitate in nejnečekanější moment. This classic big bag, decorated with fashionable fringes, is made ​​of leather and classic because of the long ear, you can wear it in both hands and shoulder, which is particularly handy when you’re already in it so much that it will be difficult. Camel I think is very versatile and fashionable clothes to fit in almost any color. Handbag can be found here. To bag this time I neobula heels, but low shoes with flat soles. Large bags to wear at the moment is not being moved by car quite a lot of nachodím and I have things to carry with you. Therefore, I choose the shoes without a heel, that is for longer going absolutely perfect. These chelsea boots were the perfect choice.

Which type of handbag is closest to you?