Handbag with Long Strap

Already reached the Windows–and only gives her. The stock market hit of the spring-summer 2015 is the practice version of the handbag (purse) with long strap option.

During the day, can be used on the shoulder or transfixed and, at night, carried in the hand or forearm, size ideal for carrying the essentials, from work to the happy hour.

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Not that the bag is exactly a novelty – on the contrary, it’s a classic and worth a lot of investment

to have one in the closet. The freshness of rereading for spring-summer is the colors and prints: candy colors (pastel colors), white, red-orange and blue are the Champions Classic models in leather. But floral prints and geometric versions in bold colors (on the color block style) also get the streets.

Bag height varies with biotype

Since the strap on handbag is on the rise, here baglib lists two styles for your reference:

  • Wide Hip

Prefer shorter handle, above the waist, to create a proportional volume at the top of the body.

  • Broad shoulders or bust topping

Choose the handle on hip height to add volume to the region and balance the silhouette.

Recycle it takes

For the next few seasons, many models and props of handbags that were high during the cold months follow as trend. In addition to the handbag with short and long handles, reuse or consider investing in handbags, clutches and envelope style bags. In details, fringes, ethnic themed, metals (such as chains and studs), prints and metallic animal print.

The filigree is already circulating in the European window displays–a job cut or ornamental castings, much used in antique jewelry and straw armchairs. Sure bet to give a retro air and lady like the visual.