Handbags Have Competition: Stylish Leather Backpacks

Not backpack as a backpack. After viewing contemporary leather version, you will understand why they fell in love in the fashion world. Thanks to their design you can wear it like a purse with everything. Including dresses.

Forget backpacks reminiscent of school days and pieces with which to enter in nature. Leather and imitation leather backpacks fully replacing handbags and urban style fit perfectly. When you look at them closely, you will see that their appearance is purely elegant and most cases to austere minimalist. Leather backpack so you can feel free to wear only trousers, but also a favorite dress or skirt. In addition to the classic black, white or cream you can meet with color variations – our favorite is powdery pink or yellow, which will be the Spring wardrobe perfectly suited.

To backpacks just not extolling you must reckon with the fact that it is more of a fashion accessory than a functional piece. Spatially and are no bigger than a medium-sized bag. On the other hand, unlike handbags you do not have to hold in your hand, and since you have the weight evenly distributed on the back of relief you and your body.

You already know who you choose?