Have You Lost Confidence in Samsung? [Vote]

Samsung anguish with Note 7 series raises a question: Can we rely on the quality of Samsung’s products?

The South Korean tech giant is the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer. The company sells more smartphones than any other-and technological, it is completely at the forefront.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was apparently also an unqualified success. The cell phone was a high-tech gem and reaped high praise from both critics and the first buyers.

But then problems began in earnest to sign up.

A technical fault in the battery and its circuit did the phone outright flammable, with several examples of spectacular and tragic-fire and the damages.

Who should then dozens of episodes before Samsung launched an outright revocation and replacement of the devices.

Samsung’s handling of the situation was really open to criticism, since the second wave of Note 7 began to expel the same issues. And it ended as also being the death knell for Samsung star phone.

There remains the otherwise groundbreaking Note-series with a tarnished reputation, and Samsung must now put a costly, failed Note 7 launch behind it.

Which impression has the progress made on you and your confidence in the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer? Do you want to avoid in the future the company’s products, or do you think that rather is talking about a swallow?