Headphone Klipsch Mode M40 with Noise Reduction

Paul W.Klipsch, who left us in 2002 was a legendary figure in the high fidelity world, at the origin of many patents still very current. 

The company that bears his name continues his work including through the production of speakers of high-flying, speakers for computers and HIFI headphones, according to photionary. Today, let’s look at its model Klipsch M40 to active noise reduction.

At the opening of the box, the doubt is no longer permitted, lies in the high-end. The helmet comes in a faux leather style flattering Toiletry Kit. Inside, a small bag of protection flocked to Klipsch arms contains the helmet. And what headphones!

The design evokes irresistibly the speakers from the manufacturer, with its mixture of black, Brown and copper, we clearly remains under the Charter aesthetic Klipsch. It’s very beautiful without being flashy, touch is very nice, the build quality is evident. The M40 is a fairly large foldable closed type headphone. On the left atrium takes place the battery compartment of the gearbox noise and on the right the activation of this function button.The headband and the atria are amply padded, which should bring a certain comfort during long-term look. Are provided in Accessories two cables neat and finish with the helmet, one with remote control for iPhone, iPod and iPad, another without, as well as an adapter 3.5/6, 35 mm, an airplane adapter and a record of the most complete. Everything is so, and Klipsch has obviously not deal with quality.

Begin, always using my trusty Cowon J3 with the famous “Night Nurse” of Gregory Isaac, disabled noise reduction. Klipsch specializes in the high-performance and particularly dynamic speakers and is the same sound leg found here, the gap between small and large signals is well marked, it is a treat for those who like to “feel” the music. Same impression on the “If Señor” of Gloria Estefan, it grows stronger with excellent spatial distribution. By activating the noise reduction (although this headset is already well insulated base) the sound level up a notch, we feel almostphysically impacts, the sound is actually closer to an enclosure of audio headphones. Restitution is certainly less neutral but low frequencies appear much more enveloping. On the “Tears of Joy” Antonio Forcione, to tackle a more sedate style, the guitar is well transcribed, with however a side a dark hair. Active noise reducer, move to a broader, less faithful soundstage but more immersive. Similarly, the voice of Caecilia Norby on his “Set Them Free” is returned, we find his grain without difficulty so characteristic. By activating the gear box noise, as on the other musical passages, the sound stage seems to be closer and grow. Finally, listen to the “How deep is the Ocean” Archie Shepp and NHOP on the acoustic album “Looking at Bird”, it is with the noise reduction turned on that we get the best result, we’re in the concert, and the saxophone as the bass are simply superb of veracity.

This decidedly high-end headphones I really liked, the finish is of high level, the sound quality is widely present, complete equipment and you have the pleasure of owning a beautiful musical object. More dynamic than neutral, this helmet is very much alive, and we appreciate his eclecticism. The hard part begins now, going to make it…