Healthy Clothing Materials

Fashion custom-made for you! Here are the leaders that relieve small and large disturbances! (Scientifically tested)

No, we’re not talking about convenience! This time “tailored” means that the fashion is at the service of women. Research and innovation (justification for higher prices) have focused on the health and well being, creating garments that can be considered drugs, but without side effects and chemistry!

Scientific studies have proven that some clothing, when worn regularly, can have effect on certain disorders of which women are subject: back pain, swelling, heavy legs …

And with presentoir!

The MESH battling eczema!

Available on out site , this shirt is pure cotton with 8% silver fiber. It ‘was tested on more than 7000 eczema patients for a period of three months. The results were a significant decrease of bacterial and fungal infections (common in those who have made ​​more vulnerable by the skin rash) and a general improvement of the skin. The knit V-neck dove gray is available in all sizes. COST: from 139 €

The SHOES against back pain!

A study at the University of Vienna has certified that Swissies shoes, thanks to their special soles, ensure an even distribution of body weight over the entire sole of the foot, improve stability, train the sensorimotor system and prevent degenerative diseases such as sore on the back. The model Adrey Waldnut (in photo), available in shoe stores, flagship stores or out site , is suede with removable insole. The autumn / winter

The FUSEAUX that give relief to psoriasis!

The yarn Tepso, a fiber already used for sutures in oftalmogia and surgery, has proven effective in relieving symptoms of psoriasis. This was confirmed by a study funded by the Tuscany Region. This fabric, in fact, is estremamento smooth and cool to the touch and then, is ideal to avoid chafing. The leggings are worn as tights or under other garments. You can find them at the pharmacy orout site    COST: € 140

The waves in the fabric structure Solidea exerts, during the movement, a micro useful to combat the swelling caused by a trauma or by the stagnation of liquids in the shoulders and arms. The draining effect of this tissue was confirmed by a study published by the Italian Plastic Surgery Journal. The scaldacuore called “Arm care” and is part of a line that also includes therapeutic gloves and anti-cellulite pantyhose. Available in pharmacies, drugstores, orthopedics and out site

COST: € 55

A study conducted by the Swiss Cardiovascular Centre of 108 hairdressers (high category risk of leg disorders) has shown that medical stockings with minimal compression 21mmHg ankle (such as Sigvaris) reduces swelling and heaviness in over 80% of cases. The stockings are the sexiest version of compression stockings Sigvaris also available in knee-highs and pantyhose model. You can find them in all pharmacies and orthopedics. For info out site COST: from 92 €