Here Are 9 Fereshte to Safely and Faster Facebook [Tip]

Facebook can be a time waster-but with these fereshte, you can make your Facebook faster, simpler and more secure.

Since Facebook was founded in 2004, is the social service has been uundåelig, in both good and evil. Whether you’re a frequent guest, or rarely visit the site, Facebook can be a time waster. You gotta just follow up on likes, posters and messages.

Is your relationship with Facebook marked by both hate and love, it might be an idea to delve into the social service’s more advanced features Our site therefore suggests these simple means to make your Facebook more secure, convenient and regain track of your timeline.

9 tips for better Facebook

Backup your posters and photos
Do you share everything with your friends and use Facebook as photo book, it is time to take a backup.Hacker attacks, or stolen login information is terrible, but your pictures and photos, you can now save a safe place. Under the menu tab (the little downward arrow) in the upper-right corner, passed to the ‘ General ‘, you can select ‘ download a copy of your Facebook data ‘, so will Facebook lacing your content together in a ZIP file and send it to your mail.

Beat group-notifications from
Grupperbeskeder is cool but can quickly go into overdrive and fill up in your feed. Under settings, you can turn them off. Click notifications and select group activity. Here you can choose which groups may disturb you.

Save reading for the night
Your friend’s article looks interesting, but you don’t have time to read it. It has Facebook been thinking about, and allows you to set a bookmark and save for later. Click the menu button to the right of the lookup and choose ‘ save ‘. However, you cannot save the Facebook users ‘ postings or images.

Switch to a Facebook page
If you want to have access to business tools, or do you use Facebook for professional use, you can convert your profile into a facebook-page. Your friends and contacts automatically follows with, and will instead follow you. You can read more about the benefits of a Facebook page here.

Stop autoplay of videos
You can turn off autoplay from Facebook on both mobile and desktop. Under the Menu tab you will find the settings and there you can select ‘ Video’-menu to the right. From there you can hit ‘ Play automatically ‘ videos from. On your phone, you can turn it off like this.

Top stories or recently?
Facebook selects even what they think are most interesting to you, in the form of top stories. Do you want to see what else touches it, you can click on the menu button at the ‘ News ‘ and select the ‘latest’ rather than ‘top stories’.

Log out of Facebook on distance
You forgot to log out with mates or Office, there is no reason to panic. From the menu tab at the top, you can open the options and navigate to ‘security’ on the left. Here you can under ‘Where you are logged on to’ view where your Facebook is available physically. Is that from a place that does not fit, you can click the ‘ Stop activity ‘.

Password for Apps
When you log in to applications via Facebook you may encounter error messages. You can bypass them by getting Facebook to generate passwords only to these apps. You do this under ‘options’ in the menu’ tab, select ‘security’ on the left and click on the ‘Appadgangskoder’.