Here Are the Best Covers for iPhone 6 [Test]

If you are a fummelfingret or a little nervous about his new iPhone 6, so a cover can be a good thing-here is a selection.

There are covers for those who will be guaranteed against losses, there are covers for those who like we have a little better grip, for a great many different needs, map said. For some, it is a good idea with a cover, for others it is wasted money, but we’ve looked a little on those who are available.

Covers have as mentioned above many different features, both primary and secondary. We have looked a little closer at what are the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of covers. We have seen a little more closely at the most popular models from Apple itself and from our site.

Loss, falls, strokes – it’s just very

One does not have to work at a construction site in order to make use of these covers, but you can get some that appear to belong to that. It is art that can handle being lost, and still you can take an intact phone out of the cover.

In this category we find for instance Cat Active Urban. In Cats the unusual yellow color, we have a tough wrapper to an iPhone 6 that can cope with decrease of up to 1.8 metres in height. It is made with metal edges and an impact resistant material that provides protection SAIF at a high level.

It probably won’t be a visual style that fits all. It can be hard to imagine the businessman in the tailor-made Italian suits with 6 Cats cover pulling an iPhone out of your jacket pocket. It is something of a swap in the style of the iPhone’s own outer 6s for the cover.
In the same vein, we have the Otterbox Commuter Series for iPhone 6. OtterBox also gives high protection through a silikonelag deep down and then a hard shell that keeps track of the phone. In addition, there follows a screen protection with for the cover.

It’s like with Cat-cover above a somewhat different visual style that meets the eye when you get the cover from Otterbox on. The process of with 2 layer also makes it a bit more of a hassle to switch or take your phone off, and then it was hard to get the jack-plug to fit with the hole in the cover.

Don’t forget the scrotum and deck screen

There is also a part covers that can be hurled around the screen, so that the whole phone is embedded.The extra space is often used for a space for a credit card or similar, so you need not take the scrotum with – money can sit on the phone.

The kind of cover is Puro Booklet. There is a single space for the map on the inside of the flap to cover the screen, looked at the led, it is a stripped down version. On the other hand, the flap is used as a carrier for the phone, as you know it from some covers for iPads.

The flap to protect the screen, may well be a nuisance for some, and there are also those who would say that a single space for the map is too little.

Swedish Krusell makes it in leather, and it is their Wallet Case also created by. Here is space for three cards and a pocket for banknotes or similar. The cover flaps from the bottom up (so not like a book flaps together) and keep it together with a little magnetism.

Just like with Puro Booklet so can the flap well get to annoy some. In addition, the magnet in the flap up to the weak side, but it is a piece along the way a matter of taste.

The phone is too smooth, so help me right

As the thin and Aluminum-clad smartphone iPhone 6 is, it can sometimes be a little slippery. If you are not so afraid to lose your phone, if you could just hold on, then you can of course also make do with a little help in the Department, without it takes up too much.

PURO Ultra Slim is made of silicone, and it makes a really good and solid grip on one’s new iPhone 6.Moreover, it is, as the name may suggest, quite thin, and therefore will be the iPhone 6 is not a block to walk around in your pocket, even if it gets a little protection. There will also be a layer screen protection with.

In and with Puro Ultra Slim is so thin, so there is not much protection to get out of some scratches on the back and on the screen, if you use screen protection. There is not so much the style of the cover, such as Krusells in leather.

Apple’s own covers also mentioned. They are offered in either silicone or leather, where silicone series ensures an optimal grip. Leather shell does not improve the grip nearly as well, but gives off a more exclusive touch.

Both covers covers the phone perfectly, with good and a half millimeters protection both at the edges and back. Buttons are also shielded without destroying click response, with the power button on the leather cover as the only exception.

Both have an Apple logo on the back, which is reflected in the price that lands on, respectively, the 249.0-and 349.0-crowns for silicone and leather.

In the same style as Puro Ultra Slim also Xquisit iPlatte Matt. It is more than plate strapped to, and therefore feels it is also different than the above cover art, but it also provides a more firm grip on the phone with less smooth surface, than the iPhone 6 is born with.
There are cutouts for buttons in the cover, and it is not all that will be agreed in the design choices.Although there is more grip in the cover and a little protection to the back, so is the grip better in silicone shell from Puro.