Here Is Google Pixel

Now approaching Google’s new phones out. Master lækkeren EVleaks unveils what we are going to see.

There is now a week to that Google will present its vision for the direction that Android phones should take. It will take place on 4 November. October, where the search giant itself suggests, that they are ready with afløserne for the company’s two Nexus phones.

Exactly what Google will present continues to be based on many rumors and leaks.

What we will see will now be clarified on news the blog our site, where the well-informed Evan Blass, known for its twitter-aka EVLeaks, and his colleague Emil Protalinski, puts his head on the block.

Here is how the upcoming Google phones will be according to them.


Two sizes – a design

As in the past year, will the Google phone come in two sizes: a standard and a great ‘ XL’-variant. Common to them is that the Nexus name will be the wreck for the benefit of Google’s ‘ Pixel’-branding – a brand which is today used for the company’s laptops and tablets.

Both phones are a tad smaller than the predecessors Nexus 5 x and 6 p. Both of gets for a 0.2 “less display. Google Pixel screen is therefore at 5 inches, while the Pixel XL screen runs up in 5.5 inch.

It’s HTC that will stand behind the production, and it will be visible on the design that combines features from both the former HTC and Nexus models.

The phone will be dressed in metal from head to toe, at near the back, where a narrow antenna stripe and a large glass surface, will let the signal penetrate. Glass back would also house a fingerprint reader.

Twins beneath the surface

The similarities do not stop at the exterior, however, will continue under the metal surface, where camera and processor are hiding.

The machinery of the two phones are the same: a Snapdragon 820 quad-core at 2.0 GHz with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage space (which could be expanded as acquisitions).

On the camera front are the specifications remain unchanged compared to the Nexus-the predecessors.Opløsnignen is called to continue 12 megapixels, while the front camera has at its disposal 8 ones.

Biggest difference will be that spot in the battery as in the smaller model runs to 2,770 mAh and the XL version gets 3,450 mAh to have.

The software will be Google’s latest version of Android, known as 7.0 Nougat, but unlike previous Nexus phones will the search giant spice up software experience with some special Pixel features.


A precious case

Ago Nexus 4, Google has placed the series as a cheaper alternative to the expensive flagships in the mobile market. The location will be shaken by, apparently in connection with Pixel-launch, for leaked prices denominated in USD $ 649 – equivalent to nyprisen on iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7.

How Google will justify the high price, the company will probably deepen when Google’s press event kicks off on 4. October in San Francisco.