Here Is the New in iOS 8.1 and OS X Yosemite

Apple has shown the first major update to iOS 8, and here you can see what’s new in iOS 8.1.

It was not a smooth birth for Apple, since they should be delivered with iOS 8. It was a very bulky update that caused some iPhone users problems with installation, and it was not better with the first small update-quite the contrary.

IOS 8.0.1 got some iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6 phones to lose all mobile networks, so that could not be dialed from them. It’s got Apple to quickly pull it back and send out iOS 8.0.2 to rectify the problems.

With iOS 8.1 has it mattered for Apple not to make similar mistakes again. Apple would like to return to their mantra ‘it just works’.

Apple Pay

Despite the fact that Apple Pay did not come to bear usable for us in Denmark right now, it should be mentioned. Apple has an unmistakable ability to go global, so it wouldn’t be strange if the opportunity comes to Denmark at a time.

That has been spoken and written much about Apple Pay, but now it’s here so. How much it’s going to be used, is the crux of the question, and the figures from the United States is going to be really exciting.

Apple has, on the one hand, a few great partners on credit and bank-side, but the stores in the United States may be more skeptical. Consumers are going to have the decisive voice in this matter.


Some of the things that Apple talked about in their WWDC was about to melt the iPhone and Macs together. Take calls and SMS on your computer without any problems. It has been lacking in a certain degree, but it is available now.

Apple has not had the final version of the operating system for its computers completely clear, and therefore has the interaction between iOS and OS X Yosemite also been limited – text messages have not been able to get in on the Mac.

But iOS is made about 8.1 on it, so now you just have your iPhone lying next to your Mac, and then there is otherwise no reason to pick it up – just keep on your computer.

OS X Yosemite also offers a graphical overhaul, with new stylish dock and new system font.

Under the hood is OS X optimized to provide better operating times, Apple promises here that in Safari may be now surfing for two hours more or be seen Netflix for 3 additional hours in relation to competing browsers.

OS X Yosemite update is free and is available for download from today.


IOS 8 was a new version of iOS. But a new version in as broad a sense as iOS 8, so there will be of course also children’s diseases, although not all are as bad as those for iOS 8.0.1 and iPhone 6.

Apple has fixed a large number of errors and bugs, so iEnheder with iOS 8.1 runs considerably longer, before they encounter a problem.

Especially within Apple’s Health-app and HealtKit, Apple has been working to smooth out, so their big bet on health care really can prevail. Apple has just crammed iPhone 6 and in Phone 6 Plus with sensors and computations, which can keep track of various values and measurements, to stand strong on this field.

IOS 8.1 is free and can be downloaded from the 20. October.