High Boots for Winter

You want to protect from cold feet and legs? Choose high boots for winter 2016-2017 and you will no longer fear frost.

As every heating season, bringing back the high boots to protect our feet and legs. Knee highs are those models to wear with pants both with skirts or dresses. There are a lot of them even though most of these are in the skin, usually black or dark brown, and may have a low, medium, high, wide or narrow.

If you have thought about opt for sandals with socks, which, admittedly, are very trendy in this period, perhaps not felt very cold, but if you can’t do and you absolutely need to cover you as I can’t, you can’t find out with us some new boots.

Let’s start our selection with something comfortable, so with t

he ultra low-heeled boots, almost at ground level. There is nothing better than walking as if you were barefoot but wearing a nice pair of classic boots, leather knee-high. This allows you to run and navigate your way between the various daily tasks and stay warm. The model you see in the picture the signature WhicheverHealth.

A medium heel can always be useful especially for posture but also for someone who isn’t just a few centimeters high and want more. The trend of medium heel is also quite in line with the 60s fashion, so why not try? Those that we offer are Gucci blue Python boots.

And now we come to a far more important, he rushes his leg and it’s a real evergreen. There are many models and there are colorful but not bring her too around, the black ones are always among the favorites by women. Here Giorgio Armani boots.

About heel and something particular, we could not offer you the boots with fur. They are very hot, even more than the models in leather and are definitely very chic and refined. They are very suitable in the dead of winter and look sensational. The one is by Sergio Rossi.

Finally, we cannot offer you the beloved over the knee boots or even defined boots overknees, which is above the knee. In recent seasons are those who have conquered much of the female audience, for convenience and style. If you have purchased them yet know that you still have time. The model is by Kurt Geiger.