High-quality Cycling Clothing

Cycling is fun, it’s healthy and promotes the circulation of oxygen in the body. you can ride a bike in any weather, in summer as in winter, in bright sunshine or in rain. There is no bad weather, only the wrong clothing accordingly. Clever and appropriate bike clothing is therefore especially important. You must be breathable primarily, waterproof and windproof, but must not restrict freedom of movement of the bikers. These advantages are important because a cyclist always sweating, and when the wind when driving dries the sweat, the body temperature drops rapidly, which the risk of injury increases and colds favors. The right bike clothing for all weather conditions is therefore mandatory in the Biker equipment. But not only for sporty savvy driver is correct Cycling Clothing important. There are many people who travel daily by bicycle to work. They often have the bad luck that uses rain after work and the homecoming journey is uncomfortable. A rain poncho should always be on the bike. These are small foldable, that they need the space of a cigarette box and really has any.

consider seasonal weather conditions

But one should with the bicycle clothing not exaggerate. Instead of many thick layers of clothing or particularly warm wool sweaters and thermal underwear functional clothing is far more useful for cycling because it is optimal to the requirements of the cyclist needs. Important also, seasonal clothing select. In autumn it rains a lot and it is important to isolate the body from wind and resulting cold while shall be kept away from the body in the winter in particular the cold.While protecting special athletes clothing for outdoor sports first to moisture inside and out, keeps the wind and warm, but there is no cycling apparel that can be worn all year. Although it should be breathable, windproof and waterproof, all components can not offer clothing permanently. Impregnations let the passage of time after, so even the best bike clothing renowned outdoor equipment needs to be replaced at some point.

High-quality cycling clothing prevents wind chill effect before

In summer, a pair of shorts and a jersey, which receives the weld is. In a fast ride downhill but you have to have only reached the mountain and brings every sweat. The so-called wind chill effect then occurs and the normal air temperature feels much cooler. Especially when the autumn begins, this is very dangerous. At a speed of 50 km / h to a zero degree occur as minus eight degrees. The bike clothing is therefore always adapt to the temperatures and the weather. , Has shown to the onion tactics. In the morning one coated with a shirt, jacket and poncho and varies throughout the day, the weather, the respective layer, which is unnecessary, simply pulled out.

Wind Protective and streamlined Cycling Clothing

It must be ensured in the cycling clothing that heat accumulation is prevented. A Windstopper is important, but here the jacket should be omitted below. The bicycle clothing should also not protect primarily against dirt, but rather prevent the loss of body heat, because this is an extreme health risk. Racing cyclists usually have very tight-fitting clothing. This is not only intended for the protection, but also for the attenuation of the resistance, so can be achieved and maintained speed. High quality bike clothing is therefore breathable, keeps the cold wind from the body and is waterproof. driving When selecting clothing when cycling is particularly important to ensure that the freedom of movement is not restricted.This also contributes to the safety of cyclists at, because in an emergency rapid action is vital and can prevent major injuries. Cycling Clothing must therefore always every movement and must not constrict.