History of Dresses of Fashion

I am the dress. In the coming weeks you have to meet the unique opportunity myself in nineteen different facets. Discover my own personal page-again and again: I’ll tell you what I like to like and what things bring me to despair. You learn from me what I have done before and what occasions I show myself today prefer. I’m very excited about that facet of me Your personal favorite is. But now the main thing now to me!

What I Have Done in The Past?

As long robe I was already popular among the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Until the Middle Ages, I was worn by both women and men. I was present in every level of society. Late 19th century I reached the peak in terms of their range of my forms. For each day and for almost any occasion there was me in the matching design: a dressing gown, Stadtkleid, visiting dress, Tea Dress, Evening Dress, Ball Gown, travel dress. Women upscale society attracted mostly to several times a day. The Times have changed. Today you change the clothes usually depending on the occasion only once or twice a day.

How do I look?

This is a very difficult question, because there are an infinite number of answers it. Of course saw dresses 100 years ago different from clothes 2014. The fashion world is experiencing a continuous change – and I look at her. Trends come and go, some stay longer, others disappear again.
I just try something closer to my appearance to take. Basic is ever to say that clothes as I consist of a part which covers both the torso and the legs. Depending on taste, fashion trend, season and occasion vary on my shape, length, color, fabric and style.

  • In warm spring us summer months, likes to wear me as a short-cut dress. Knee length is for many synonymous ok. As strapless dress or backless model I am the perfect companion on hot days. In cooler weather, my wearers prefer long dresses with sleeves. The length of the sleeves may also vary. Increasingly popular are sports clothes.
  • Me can be found in various sectional shapes. Clothes as I can emphasize the figure of a woman, conceal or disguise and conjure beautiful silhouettes. Upon request, I may even proportion changing.This succeeds me inlaid with crinolines, hip pads or corsets.
  • For my production of synthetic fibers such as polyester or natural, breathable materials such as wool, cotton and linen are used. Particularly elegant I work, if I’m made of silk, velvet, satin or chiffon.
  • My color and my design meet exactly the taste of my wearer. Whether I present myself as white, red or green dress aufwarte with floral pattern, dots, embroidery or ruffles – I’m always a visual highlight.

Where I stay on The Most?

It all depends on which facet I see and what my wearer in mind for me.

  • Do I belong to the summer and beach clothes, I love Summer, sun, beach and sea and of course nature. you see me at Ice food in town, while strolling along the beach promenade, with beach parties and sunbathing on the beach or on the lawn.
  • As cocktail or shift dress I’m on many parties and receptions guest. The most famous of my forms is “the little black dress”. Mich is often found as a dress with lace.
  • I present myself as a prom or prom dress, go with me to the end of an era. On the last night, I must of course look very nice and get the most out of my wearer. As strapless maxi dress, I am particularly popular at proms.
  • I Count the ball and evening dresses of lace from AnswerMBA, I’m flashy, elegant and at times also pompous. Elegant and festive clothes as I love glitz, glamor and flashbulbs. On the Culture program includes theater, operettas and musicals. I let myself also often seen on large celebrations, galas and balls. In a more discreet version I like to dance on birthdays and weddings. Around me there are many other long and short dresses.
  • As party dress I’m most comfortable shrill, loud and colorful. I’m game for anything-the main thing, it’s something to celebrate. Frequently you see me in the mini-variant. Finally While dancing I need plenty of legroom. Whether birthday, on the beach, at the disco or the club – with me the night has no end.

What is so Special About Me?

No other garment can better express the advantages of a woman than I am. I am extraordinary, multi-faceted and very versatile. Whatever the occasion is pending-I’m going. With me is a good sport, laugh, cry, dance, sing, have fun-live! I look forward to the next few weeks and am curious what you have to tell my other sites. Are you in?