History of Junghans Watch

A quality watch is so much more than a timepiece.

A quality wristwatch can change any look, enhance it and timeless elegance put a real statement.

After I myself am recently a proud owner of such a premium watch , I want to introduce today the manufacturer of my new favorite accessories a closer.

Now discovered the vast world of the German traditional brand Junghans and let you by the unique merger of quality, precision and enchanted completed contemporary design!

The Beginning of the Success Story Junghans

The success story of today’s cult Watch Manufactory begins in 1861 in the quiet Schramberg. While the company jointly founded by Erhard Junghans and his brother Jakob Zeller-Tobler only produces parts for watches in its early years, its own movements is in 1866 started to construct and build.

Already from day one include precision and the highest quality to the main features of the Junghans-production and so the company succeeds in the late 1870s with the production of high quality alarm clock on the American model, a crucial career step.

The modern alarm be successful-. And Junghans begins to grow as the company you today known trademarks, the 8-pointed star presented in 1890, is the successful run of the company already in full swing.

In the following years, the watchmaker from the Black Forest established the epitome of quality timepieces and celebrates first international success. In 1903, the accolade follows: With more than 3 million produced watches per year Junghans the largest watch manufacturer in the world.

As the company in 1990 produced the world’s first radio-controlled wristwatch and this innovation with the world’s first radio-solar watch in 1993 even tops that Junghans company for many years been one of the most prestigious and popular names in watches segment. Today, more than 150 years after its inception, the company is synonymous with consummate craftsmanship, advanced technology and timeless design-a unique combination of properties that ensure guaranteed the coveted watches in the future continued success.

The Cult Watches From the Black Forest

The enduring popularity of the iconic timepiece is not only based in the company’s typical quest for quality, precision and innovation. The technological diversity that can be found in the different Junghans collections, is an important factor of the 150-year-long success story. So, in the Junghans collections both mechanical watches models with manual winding, as well as advanced functions, digital and environmentally friendly solar watches.

In addition, the factory has always proved an exceptional sense of timeless chic design and combined from the beginning quality art with modern aesthetics. The best example is the collaboration with Bauhaus student Max Bill in making LED smartwatch.

The legendary polymath, which celebrated both as an architect, painter and sculptor great success designed for Junghans a unique sleekes watch model, the enthusiastic immediately a large audience in its unfussy elegance.

The clocks, which appeared in 1961 for the first time, are produced by Junghans today and enjoy steady popularity. Even my personal model comes way out of this cult series.

Another popular series, which triggers with their futuristic designs especially in male watches carriers enthusiasm is theMega-Line , by Junghans. This popular cult models combine high-tech multi-frequency wireless technology with environmentally friendly solar energy and an impressive, unique aesthetics.

The result is a masterful combination of technical expertise and completed its modern form,  which proves that the company Junghans technologically and aesthetically continues to set standards in the 21st century.