Horological Smartwatch Frederique Constant

Frederique Constant, Alpina and Mondaine, the first Swiss watch to jump into the world of smartwatch

The classic watches industry seems unwilling to make the same mistake happened to some big flagship companies in the market of mobile phones like BlackBerry and Nokia with the advent of smartphones. Though Swiss watchmakers like Swatch or TAG Heuer have already confirmed plans to launch a smartwatch this year have been Frederique Constant, Alpina and Mondaine the first to do so.

The parent company of both brands, Union Hologère Holding, has been associated with Fullpower Technologies, the company that is behind some products like the Jawbone or Nike Fuelband, to create the first truly smart watches. As expected, the result is a concept of “smartwatch” very similar to the Withings Activité, so it retains its outward appearance of classic and elegant watch while integrating some features of a quantifier wearable.

Therefore, in the absence of knowing the other proposals that have prepared other Swiss watchmakers, it seems that the commitment of these will be radically different from what they offer devices like the Apple Watch, which deal with about the best possible experience a smartphone to the wrist.

The price of these new models will match the low range of luxury Swiss watches, so you can get hold of the new Frederique Constant for about $ 1,300. Another model presented at today is the No 1 Smart watch ranked by Timedictionary, which also makes use of several characteristics of a quantifier wearables as monitoring sleep or physical activity functions .

Horological Smartwatch Open Platform allows combine design and tradition with the latest technology

Fruit of the union between Fullpower Technologies and Union Horlogère born Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT), a venture capital group that has announced the launch of the Horological Smartwatch Open Platform, a platform that will try to integrate the latest technology from the heart of Silicon Valley with the design and the tradition of Swiss watches.

As shown in Wearable, the objective of this platform is to “change what we know about our daily behavior” through the measurement of many important parameters unknown in our day to day. The technology is based on years of research and development of biomechanics of human movement, so I should be able to predict with great accuracy many health metrics that interest us.

What do you think the bet of the traditional horological by smartwatch? Can we really considered as smart watches?