History of Espadrille Shoes

Espadrille is known in the whole world basically two forms: the traditional way or the way TOMS.

History of Espadrille Shoes

The espadrille, canvas uppers and soles of jute or hemp is present in Europe and Latin America since time immemorial. Unisex, comfortable and cheap, the espadrille is used until today in a lot of countries and had spent virtually as a shoe more until the arrival of TOMS.

In 2002, Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS brand, traveled to Argentina as a participant in the reality show “The Amazing Race”. In January 2006 he returned from holiday to Buenos Aires and in several events that participated, noted that polo players wore a type of shoe not very common in the United States: the espadrilles. During his trip, he also did some volunteer work. What you experienced during this period of support and paradoxically, what he saw in the glamorous world of polo gave birth an idea which gave a twist to your life and the lives of many others.

During his trip he witnessed extreme poverty hugging to certain regions, where the children were walking without shoes that protect them, at the mercy of hunger and diseases. Back in the United States, Blake devised how to help and have a profitable business at the same time: it reinventaría espadrilles and for every pair sold, would donate one to children who need it. This is the business model known as “One for One” or “one by one”. In May 2006, TOMS was already running and selling espadrilles.

During the first year, 10,000 pairs of espadrilles were donated. They reached to donate the first million in 2010. The brand has spread to more than 50 countries, where TOMS shoes to children (not only once but through its years of growth with the exact size of shoes for each) in conjunction with various aid organizations that are responsible for incorporating the life of small opportunities to improve your health their health and their chances.

To incorporate more products into the brand TOMS, were also incorporated new possibilities of helping those who need it. It is the case of the sunglasses of the brand and its rule “one by one”. For each telescope which is sold, you help a person with treatment to improve your view, as well as the delivery of prescription glasses.


The importance of a pair of shoes

Some wonder why the founder of the brand TOMS decided to donate shoes and not provide another type of aid to the most needy. Many do not know the true value of a pair of shoes because we are simply accustomed to having them and only imagine barefoot as a form of rest and relaxation. The truth is that the reality in many countries of the world is different and having a pair of shoes is the difference between a child with opportunities and one that will have them.

The shoes are for foot protection against stones road, contaminated water and Earth that transmit diseases, cold or attack by stinging animals. To be protected, it is more likely to remain healthy. To be healthy, children are more likely to access education. In addition to the own desires is needs to be healthy to achieve an opportunity: a pair of shoes means a lot.

In addition, the movement of TOMS is associated with already established organizations that incorporate shoes into their programs by improving the health and development of children. Aid is complete thanks to these alliances.


TOMS Style

As we have already seen in previous notes, espadrilles are fashionable shoes for pregnant women especially in the summer months, so most of the styles of TOMS is more in vogue. Numerous personalities of the show have incorporated the espadrilles to your wardrobe. That Yes, in the style of TOMS.

Many materials and designs are available on the web site of the firm. From metallic to the tribal style prints. From the most adorable models for children up to the ideals for adults. More and more styles are added to TOMS and boots and high heels, t-shirts with messages, hats, wallets, sunglasses and other accessories are also available. It is also one of the few stores that includes footwear suitable for vegans, because some models are specially produced without the presence of animal by-products. That if TOMS continues the trends, but keeps constant its completely relaxed style in all models of absolutely all products trading.

Although TOMS has been recognized not only the loyalty of customers around the world, but with important awards, the real reward for the team looks at each delivery shoes to kids, every aid to needy communities and in every small that manages to go forward and see the future with hope.