How Jewelry Suits You? The Small Jewelry Basics

We are ladies and we love jewelry that glitters, brings us to the beams or conjures up something understated glamour in our styling. Best Jewelry work, if they fit us, so compliment our type. But how do we know what decorative precious to us works best? We once went to the bottom the thing and have put together a small jewelry world styling Guide for you. Now, you can find out which jewellery is particularly good.

So You Realize You Are What Type of Jewelry

Do you own a few necklaces, bracelets, earrings & co. with security or have even a whole jewellery box full of beautiful treasures  picked out you have it first and foremost because you like it, tell a story, or are associated with memories.

Mostly we are intuitively correct with the choice of our jewelry. But there are actually a few things that we should pay attention to when choosing jewelry.

For one it’s on your skin, hair and eye color as described in suitable accessory, on the other hand, as you prefer dress. In addition, the jewellery to your body size should fit. Because excessive jewelry can be rather overwhelming to a small woman, to delicate jewellery, however, appears lost in a tall woman. So, the key is the overall concept of friends and your look.

Warm or Cool Tones? An Inspirational Guide

Gold: Natural redheads, girls with Dark blue or dark brown hair and brighter, slightly Tanned to very dark skin can gold in all its lovely variations – such as Rosé or brown gold – well worn. The warm shades of gold, their green, blue and golden brown eye color find a nice addition.

Silver: Your hair is pale and Ashen, light brown or black as ebony, and you have a very bright, perhaps even very white skin? Are your eyes blue, grey, or very dark brown? Then silver, Platinum and white gold are quite good jewelry components for you.

Copper and brass considered to be the fashion-bold nuances in between and are often used for romantic or straightforward accessories.

Sparkling rhinestones you can choose the best for your eye color. Look, if a Ruby, emerald or turquoise but bring your eyes to light up

In General, however, that you can wear what you feel. Because there are no laws, but only recommendations when choosing jewelry. The decision is ultimately up to you.

How Accessories You Dress – The Small Outfit Tour

Basics – so plain-colored garments in uncomplicated cuts – can be combined with any jewelry. A flat gold chain can seem just as glamorous statement chain occupied as a sparkly stone. It is only important that the interplay of selected accessories not in an overload of jewelry ends. So, a glittering filigree ring on the hand as a supportive companion extends the opulent chain. The simple gold chain can be complemented beautifully with bangles.

Sporty outfits , such as for example the trendy Athleisure styling in sportswear fashion, combined is worn, wonderfully with Matt polished, symmetrical jewellery from. A necklace or a bracelet plus flat watch with large clock face and discreet ear plugs are the standard Companion. Free the old motto “less is more”, ensure the pieces together with a cool pair of sunglasses for relaxed daytime glamour.

Your look is romantic with airy dresses a-line, Festival-grade boho styling with torn shorts, casual with jeans and lace blouse tunic and hat, or full. Here you can combine wonderful brass jewelry in the form of flower or ornament design and matte pearls and add everything from pastels to vibrant Rainbow colors. Wear beautiful, dreamy jewelry sets for noble accents or go the whole hog. How? Both arms should be hung with a variety of bracelets, the 2017 trendy chains layering is an absolute must, extra large earrings can be selected and on each finger a ring can adorn. That you decide for one of the variants and stylst discreetly to the rest is only important,.

With this little tutorial you can watch now just, where you would classify whether you just see that, you’re encouraged to try something unexpected or you continue to simply want to decorate to your taste. No matter how you are using our basic guide, he should serve you as a nice source of inspiration.

Have fun trying it out