How Much do Balloon Arches Cost

Arch of balloons as part of the decoration of each event, opening a shop or restaurant, party, presentation brings high spirits; much solemnity; many color. With a rich palette of colors and combinations can easily be included in any decoration for your personal and corporate party, to attract the attention.

Children’s Day – bright color combinations – for corporate party – colors, combined with the logo or the décor of the event – wedding day – color, subordinate to the overall theme of the celebration plaited also offer diversity and choice for every occasion!

The classic version is “twisted”; can be twisted two, three or four colors; in one, two, three lines …; can make arch of flowers from balloons can be done and one with helium balloons in a row; to combine classical with helium arch. If you want a magnificent arch, with more elements can add flowers bubbles spirals of modeling balloons; foil balloons, why not veils, lights, flowers. Due to the variety they offer the arches is difficult to categorize price.

  • Classical arch of balloons with air, pastel –  15.00 lev/m.
  • Classical arch  of balloons with air, metallic – 17.00 lev/m.
  • Arch of balloons with helium –  7.50 lev/m.
  • Arch of balloons “link” – 9.50 lev/m.
  • Mixed arch of air and helium – depends on the meters of both types.

Additional items are charged separately.