How They Dress the Bridal Party?

Choose the dress for a wedding ceremony can be difficult, especially if it plays the role of the maid.So here’s the fashion tips, straight from the runways of New York, Milan and Paris.

Choose an outfit for the wedding is never easy. You are afraid of not being smart enough not to feel good or to be inopportune. The obstacle becomes even bigger if you have the role of bridesmaid. Not all have the physique of Pippa Middleton and especially your budget.

The first thing to do is ask the bride. Ask if he expected, as happens in America, a particular outfit or if you have preference in color. It could be that you may be asked a pastel dress, to be themed with marriage. The signs are very important and certainly will help you in your choice. You are free to dress as you want? Better yet.

So here are the new fashion trends:

  • Cocktail dress.If the reception is held during the day, the Council is to choose a cocktail dress possibly with the skirt not too short. Absolutely goes vintage. Be inspired then sixties style.You can choose a solid pastel as a dark color, wear gloves and a hat (before 17, after the etiquette does not)
  • Evening dress.The long must be worn only for evening ceremonies. Italian Weddings do not provide almost never gala events or are so stylish to be imposed on long, especially if you are under 35 years old. Remember to always put high heels (though not seen), having never Bared shoulders in Church (perfect a nice wraps).

These two general rules. Is very fashionable lace. Luisa Spagnoli, for example, offers delicious cocktail dresses with lace print. Are the great return even polka dots, which must be very small. Found some good solutions, watching the lookbook of Marella. What are the most fashionable colors? Love the colors on, but try not to overdo it. You do not need to remove the scene to the bride.

In the photo gallery you will find some models presented during the fashion for summer 2013 from Valentino, Alberta Ferretti, Bottega Veneta, Laura Biagiotti and Elie Saab.