How to Apply False Eyelash Pieces

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Artificial eyelashes are available in various lengths, shapes and designs. So there are false eyelashes in short and long, filled with small stones and feathers, in stained or simply as individual eyelashes, which summarize the existing lashes. Before applying the false eyelashes to your real lashes, use an eyelash curler. The eyelashes are provided before sticking on the eyelid with eyelash glue. Let this dry briefly and then attach the lashes to the lash of the eye. In addition, you set accents with eyeliner and mascara. So that you can again use the false eyelashes, eyelashes should be gently dissolved with an eyelash remover and removes adhesive residue.

False Eyelash Pieces

Not only for carnival or special occasions: false eyelashes are a real eye-catcher and lead to a fascinating view. Whether for an evening as a highlight or permanent eyelashes-buy false eyelashes and the appropriate accessories in online shop!