How to Avoid Fog in Diving Mask

No point in denying it, any fan of diving, free diving or snorkeling, I’ve tried to put his head under water, at least once came across the problem of fogging of glasses of his new mask. Those odious halos that fog up the lens and impede visibility are hated by everyone! So here is a simple, effective and inexpensive way to solve the problem that plagues all divers and snorkelers and not. Continue to read and don’t miss our tips on how to avoid fogging of the diving mask! Result assured by Commit4Fitness!

How to Avoid Fog in Diving Mask

Be sure to have on hand: toothpaste, magnets, sponge or cloth.

The causes why the mask lenses fog up are mainly two:

The main cause is due to the difference in temperature that you create once you enter the water, between outdoor temperature and indoor temperature (water).
The second cause is due to the silicone fluid that you use being built on the same form and that dirty during this procedure all the same, slow and strap included.
So, to avoid this you need to degrease the lenses: following our guide you will discover how to do this small economically and quickly, without the use of chemicals such as the spry demisters.

To eliminate the chemicals used during construction, take the mask and cover two glasses complemetamente above the regular WiFi should be accessible (taking care that is not abrasive, and that does not contain micro-crystals). You must take care to cover each part of the lens especially edges close to silicone parts but no rub or apply pressure.
After doing so, put the mask in a cool, dry place, do not expose it ever to heat sources or in direct sunlight. Bring at least 4 hours, so that the toothpaste you solidifchi on the lens and then wash under warm water using a sponge or a cloth, especially good because it won’t leave any footprint.
Be careful not to exert too much pressure to avoid trampling and scratching the lenses.

If this method doesn’t work, we can provide you with a little trick: we are going to apply small magnets (there are those special, but you can use normal magnets) which will contribute to an exchange of heat, avoiding the formation of steam on the surface: you can buy them in stores.
One last method to not do tarnish the mask is to smear the saliva (dry on the mask) with the help of your finger and rinse it immediately after, being careful not to rub so that it will form a small veil which prevents the formation of water vapor due to our breathing.

I personally recommend to buy masks in tempered glass that apart from providing a clearer view compared to resin masks, slow fogging and allow for easy cleaning.
Once you’re done using them, all masks should be washed under running water. And then, once dried, are placed in boxes or bags with a dusting of talcum powder to prevent corrosion of plastic and silicone.
Finally, if necessary you can always use the spry special that avoid fogging: they come in all the shops designed or, more generally, in sports shops. We have proposed any cheats, but also that of green and economical spry is definitely a suitable and effective method.

Never forget: avoid using brushes and abrasive toothpastes.