How to Build a Dog Stairs

Repetitive climbing and jumping difficult at the waist and joints of the dog. Many dogs require a ramp or steps to ascend the platform. Building portable steps allows you to use them to bed, car and everywhere the dog requires care. Portable steps are available in many pet stores, but building steps is relatively easy and materials are cheap. You will need basic tools and materials available via Petwithsupplies through your local lumber or hardware store.

  • Things You’ll Need:

    2 – inch – thick foam board insulation
    Utility knife
    Foam board adhesive
    Soft bristle brush
    Scrap carpet

Show More Instructions:

Cut four 30 – inch – long stretches of foam board insulation with a knife. Then cut two 15 – inch – long stretches them aside. The boards are available in a standard width of two feet. Do not change the width.

Place one of the 30 – inch foam floorboards. Use a soft brush to apply a thin layer of glue to the top of the board. Place the second matching board on top of the adhesive. Level the surface and apply slight pressure to set the adhesive. Wait five minutes for the glue to dry. Repeat until all of the 30 – inch boards are stacked and glued.

Place one of the 15 – inch boards on top of the stack. Align the edges of one country to cover half the surface. Use a marker to trace the edge. Remove board and apply a thin layer of glue to the area inside the brand. Place the plank on top of the glue, align edges and wait five minutes until the glue to dry.

Apply a thin layer of glue 15 – inch board. Set the final 15 – inch board on top, align edges and wait five minutes until the glue to dry.

Use the knife utility for reducing scrap carpet. Use raw measurements to cover the top step. Apply a thin layer of glue on the steps and lay down on the carpet glue.