How to Build a Fishing Net

The fish net is a tool used to capture aquatic animals. In contrast to the barrel, the network allows you to capture more animals together. In areas where species particularly rare or protected the “trawling”, which is to tow with a boat on the sea floor one or more fishing net, is prohibited. The trawling also affects the ecosystem, going to remove the small prey for larger fish. However, fish is a prized commodity and at certain times of the year and in particular areas is made possible. Friends today we will learn how to build a fishing net to catch small fish. It’s not that hard, just to have some objects. But let’s go now to see how to do it.

Be sure to have on hand: Twine, tendrils, clothing or wire mesh, a knife

First take the rope or twine of various thickness and size. The length of the piece that we choose will determine the magnitude of our rope and also the range of fish that we can trap. Choose a large space where there are no obstacles. The greatest difficulty is to avoid that the strands of rope from getting caught between them. It is a painstaking, so let us arm ourselves with patience and let’s get to work

Stretch the rope thicker air, height-male, for example, linking it to the branches of two trees close enough. This will be your starting thread. To build the jerseys take strings shorter (about 3 meters) and move in pairs at intervals of about 30cm. The distance between the strings will cause the width of the diamond of your network. Fasten the strings in a knot. If you are not experienced double-knot, as when you fasten your shoes to be clear, otherwise if you have some familiarity with these things can pick up. The important thing is that the node you are going to apply is solid and obviously doesn’t melt. Otherwise it will start over our work according to this article.

The time has come to cast off the network. Take a pair of filaments and begin to fix them in half lengthwise. Weave with a node (again depending on experience can be of different types) is a modular network: once you have created a form we can attack many others with the same policy. Build a network as you may have noticed is not easy. The length of the rope, fix the knots in a rigid, find a space where to build it and the need for absolute symmetry in the cords are definitely limits to our work. Also the amount of rope needed to build a network 3 meters X 3 meters is huge. Think only the length of all strings! So if you get the chance will always recommend buying your fishing nets, which definitely will be more precise and will allow you to save your valuable time! Then, if you are in an emergency situation, and have available large amounts of rope, follow this guide!