How to Buy Google Pixel and the Pixel XL Already Now [Tip]

You can’t wait for Google’s Pixel-smartphones maybe-maybe not-come to Denmark? With this wizard you can easily purchase the phone already.

Google has the habit to launch its products with several months’ delay-Yes, six months is not unusual. If Google’s two new Pixel-smartphones therefore have caught your interest, the wait can be quite long, when there is not yet a confirmation that the phones actually come for sale in Denmark.

It is fortunately advice ahead of. You can already buy Google Pixel or Pixel XL, if you take advantage of the so-called ‘ mail/package forwarding’-services-in other words, companies that exclusively deals with to ask a foreign warehouse with associated address available, as customers can products ordered for. Then they will be sent from there to your home address in Denmark-for a fee, of course.

Read on and become wiser on how you can make a good buy right now.

Buy your Pixels-telephones from United Kingdom

There are a very large number of companies that forward packets for you. Best known is probably the website ShopUSA, who – as the name indicates – specialize in forwarding packets from the United States to the rest of the world. This service could have been an option, but then you out of paying customs duties, VAT and import fee (which however is 0% for electronics). At the same time, rates on the model sold in the United States not be optimal for use in the Danish network frequencies. Fortunately, there is another website that is more advantageous to use.

The website forward2me (see Trust pilot rating) makes it in to forward packets from the United Kingdom to the rest of the EU countries, and it is precisely through this that you can already book Pixel-the phones home to Denmark.

It makes the most sense to make the purchase via the United Kingdom for several reasons:

  1. First and foremost is the phone compatible in Denmark, as it is the international version, sold in the United Kingdom.The same frequency bands on 2 g, 3 g and 4 g networks are supported in other words at home.
    2. You arecovered under the same 2-year guarantee as at home in Denmark. Why should there be problems with the phone, it is possible to return the phone to the negotiators address with postal shipping.
    3. The third advantage to buy in the United Kingdom is that you neither have to pay customs duty or sales tax as long as the United Kingdom is part of the EUROPEAN UNION.

In the following sections is taken as a starting point the first to buy Pixels-telephones through the great British electronics chain Carphone Warehouse, which most of all corresponds to Elgiganten in Denmark. There shall also be a starting point in buying the phone through Google Store. Both retailers are sending, of course, not for Denmark, and this is where forward2me comes in. forward2me provides two solutions available, which will be examined in the following.

Method 1: order even phone to the address forward2me’s

The easiest and cheapest option is where you even stand for the purchase of the phone on the relevant webshop. You simply visit the Carphone Warehouses website where you either choose Pixels or Pixel XL.Then out on the right side select ‘ SIM free ‘, since the phone must be purchased in cash without being SIM locked. Price £ 599.99 for Pixels and therefore called £ 719.99 for Pixel XL, and then it is just to click on the Blue Book-button ‘ add to basket ‘ (add to cart).

In the shopping cart, select ‘FREE weekday delivery’ as the delivery method, and then you click on the blue button ‘ Go to checkout ‘ (go to the box). Now you need to enter personal information, and it is now, you need to take the service forward2me in use. You must not enter your Danish ship with Carphone Warehouse, but on the other hand, the one belonging to the forward2me store in the United Kingdom.

Therefore, you go in to our site, where you will need to create a user. Here you can choose to create an account via your Google account, Facebook, or with your email address. At the latter, you must provide your name, and then you will be sent a mail where you have to click on a link sent to you in order to create a password.

When your user is created and you are logged in to forward2me, you will be at the top of the right side of the view, that it says a British address. It is the address you need to enter on Web shops, when you buy something that forward2me must receive and forward to you. For example, it may look as follows:

Name (name): Lasse Olsen
Building name/number (building name/number): 12345 York House
Street (Street): Green Lane West
City (City): Preston
County (County): Lancashire
Postcode (zip code): PR3 1PR
Country (country): United Kingdom
Phone number: 1995606070 (can be used in place of your own)

In the section ‘ About you ‘ (about you) you fill out your real name, gender, e-mail address and telephone number forward2me’s, if you do not even have a uk number. In the section ‘ Current address (Billing address) ‘ (current addresses (billing address)) click you on ‘ Enter address manually ‘ (enter address manually). Here, you enter information from the forward2me’s website, which you will find at the top right, and press the blue button ‘ Continue two delivery ‘ (continue to delivery).

OBS: Until the 20th century. October, it is only possible to select ‘ Click & Collect ‘ as the delivery method. This method can therefore not be used before the sale of the phones kicks off.

Then when you last step in the order in which you must pay. Carphone Warehouse only accepts Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard and American Express. Therefore, if you have another payment card such as credit card, you must resort to the this guides other method which can be read in the following sections.

Method 2: Let forward2me order Pixel-the phones for you

Until the Carphone Warehouse has the dispatch as the delivery option, you can instead use the Google Store. The British Google Store, however, is not possible to get access to as a Dane – even with VPN services, which makes it appear as if your computer is in another country.

Forward2me offers therefore the solution ‘ Personal Shopper ‘, where it is the company itself, that is doing the order instead of you from your ‘ wish list ‘. It works by entering the menu ‘ My account ‘ and select ‘ Personal Shopper ‘ or simply click here. In here you will need to specify a number of obligatory information, which are as follows:

Product name/description: “Pixel”
Size: “Pixels (5” display) “or” Pixel XL (5.5 “display)”
Color: “Quite Black” or “Silver”
Number of: How many copies you would like to purchase URf.eks. “1”

When you have set up your ‘ Personal Shopper’-wishlist, you will soon hear from forward2me, which presents the order total price with the webshop — in this case, the Google Store. Before forward2me buy the phone on your behalf, you will have to pay the full price of the product as well as a fee of 10% for this ‘ Personal Shopper service.

Then the phone will be delivered to forward2me’s stock in United Kingdom, and the next step is so that the package to be passed on to Denmark. Now you need to log in to the forward2me’s website to pay the amount to get shipped the package on to Denmark. Here you can choose from a host of carriers and shipping methods – among other things. whether you want to be insured package. Prices depends of course thereof, and with the site’s calculator you can get an idea of what amount is located at.

An estimate would be that you may get cheapest delivered phone to Denmark for about £ 11 (90 USD), while DHL can provide the package with track & trace and prompt shipping for around £ 21 (175 USD).There may be purchased insurance, if desired.

The price of the phone will be somewhat higher, if you use the Personal Shopper service, but it is the only option that is at the present time, until you can buy order through Carphone Warehouse from the 20.October.


So little you must pay for the phones

Minimum price via forward2me with Personal Shopper service will amount to approximately DKK 4,952 for Pixel-phone, a creation fee of DKK 16.5, a Personal Shopper fee of approximately 495 kr and a delivery fee of approximately DKK 91 – so overall around $ 5,555. There may be individual, less fees – but these you will be informed before the forward2me implements the booking for you.

The recommendation from here is therefore that it is most advantageous to wait until you can order Pixels or Pixel XL via Carphone Warehouse from the 20. October, where free shipping is available from their Web store. So you must only pay 4,952 DKK for Pixel-phone, a creation fee of DKK 16.5 and a delivery fee of approximately DKK 91 – gathered around 5,059 kr. Again, there may be some small fees paid by you with this purchase method will be lit up in the package will be sent to Denmark.

And so it is not forgetting even easier, if you or someone you know anyway to be a swing by United Kingdom, where all 2,400 department stores have the phone in stock – again from the 20. October. Here the price will be around $ 4,952.

A final note for the use of forward2me or any other similar website for that matter – is that it is strongly recommended to read the conditions through, so you are fully informed with how it all comes to pass and no unpleasant surprises that you will get, if you happen to have missed or a detail. At a minimum, you should at least take a look at the forward2me’s FAQ, and if you have any questions, you can also quickly make these for their employees here.

With that said, it is simply to explore the various possibilities that forward2me offers, if you want to have your fingers in pixels, Pixel XL or some other smartphone.