How to Buy Running Shirts

With the matching shirt to holistic fitness

The shirt is an essential part of running clothing and performs important functions in the training. It should, keep warm the muscles even in periods of rest as well as running and running jackets, and simultaneously carry moisture from the body away to the outside. These claims can be fulfilled with the help of special functional materials and especially breathable fabric. Topmbadirectory has put together appropriate running shirts by top brands in its product range and offers you a wide range of different designs and colors. Look around in peace after a suitable model in our online shop and enjoy workouts in optimum running clothes soon!

Running Shirt

The main characteristics of a running top

Shirts should generally are snug, so they sit like a second skin and provide optimal support for the movement. Ultra light and stretchable materials, as well as an ergonomic fit, they are pleasant on the body. Special, very breathable fabric also ensures the comfortable feel of the running shirts. In contrast to cotton, the functional fibers on polyester base not indeed absorb the sweat, but transport him immediately from the body away. This is a shirt not only breathable but dries too quickly, and thus effectively reduces the risk of hypothermia. Many running shirts have mesh insets. These are fitted with many small holes and allow fast heat exchange. Especially under the armpits and back the inserts are very useful and are used among other things also in sports bras. Useful, processed, flat seams are also carefully to avoid friction on sensitive areas over long distances. High-quality shirts also feature a modern silver ion technology. Specially crafted fibers affect silver base with properties. The shirt retains a pleasant smell when always comfort even during a long, sweaty run.

Shirts with additions depending on course type

Depending on the season and preferred running routine, other functions for running shirts play a role. In summer prevents, for example, a material with SPF skin irritations. For athletes who run in the dark, is a shirt which has a variety of reflective elements, highly recommended. These are processed in the form of printed or sewn light strip in the clothing. Other variants, for example, in the form of a small lamp offer the athletes themselves sufficient light on the track.


On longer routes which runners with small bags to the belly, on the arm or shoe – are well advised. Here essential things can depending on the size of the bag are safely stored and taken, without restricting the freedom of movement. Pass with water bottles in a hydration belt.


Order your shirt and much more at Topmbadirectory

Topmbadirectory sports allows the perfect run with a carefully selected range at any time. The shirt takes over important functions for a comfortable fit pants and of course the perfect running shoes. Whether light shirt for the warmer season or use in the Hall or warm long-sleeved shirt with hood – with the appropriate sports apparel are equipped for any type of weather and undisturbed can enjoy the sport. If you order through our online shop, our logistics partner Hermes delivers the package to the desired address or to a nearest package store. Instead, select the collection in one of our branches, even the shipping costs.

Running Shirts