How to Buy Vintage Watches

Vintage watches are hot at the moment. The signals the individual style and authenticity. With a fat vintageur separates you from the crowd, as it is not everyone who has the insight to obtain one. The problem I help you with this article, reviewing everything you should know before you invest thousands of dollars in your vintage clock. There are a number of pitfalls that you should avoid or at least know of. Then read on – it can save you a lot of annoyances and crowns.

Originality is everything when it comes to vintage watches

In the field of trade with vintage watches particularly applies to a rule; originality is paramount. If a clock is 100% original, both inside and outside, this could mean a doubling of the price – often more. Collectors are going up in that their clock is completely authentic and it affects the price. Therefore, you must be careful not to buy a pig in a poke. Although a clock looks trustworthy out outside recognition you not know what’s hiding inside before you’ve seen after. Don’t you know what you should look for, should you ally yourself with one that does. You can be unlucky to get your hands on a copy or a so-called franken watch, where the Agency is composed of various recent and old parts.

In many cases you can get a watchmaker with knowledge of exactly what brand you are considering buying, to verify the authenticity of the watch. If the seller is opposed to this, you should find somewhere else to shop. It may cost a Plowman or two depending on how you ask, but it is a small price to pay for being able to buy a watch for perhaps tens of thousands of dollars with peace of mind. Some vendors provide a so-called certificate of authenticity with their watches, which can make the clock easier to sell, if you even want to sell it privately.

The accessory costs also

It is not only the Agency who shall be original, accessory also has a significance, especially for collectors. Get a clock with papers, certificate from the factory and the original box can mean a difference of up to 30% in the price. It is very different, how much people go up in the accessory, but in General, the watches with the accessory in order much easier to sell and they also keeps the price better, so it’s all in all a better investment. You need not hold the original accessories in order to get the watch sold, so if it means nothing to you, you may well choose to save some money and just enjoy the clock as it is, but in any case, be careful not to have to pay full price for a clock without the right accessories.

Within the private trade in second-hand watches, has a rule of thumb that says that one should buy sell just as much as the actual clock. This means that we must ensure that the seller is real and have clean flour in the bag. If the seller seems to know what he’s talking about and willingly answer questions, there’s probably a greater chance that he is to rely on. Use your common sense and gut feeling, to talk with the seller – preferably face to face, ask critical questions, ask for references from previous deals and compare possibly on ur forums if anyone knows the seller and can vouch for him. Honest sellers called good guys in various forums. Since the Danish watch community is relatively small, so there is a good chance that someone has acted with the seller before. Often writes, after a good deal a little recommendation in forums so others can shop with peace of mind.

Able overpriced

It is a common mistake to forget the booth and starts focusing on price instead. The two things are inextricably linked and a cheaper watch can quickly become the most expensive purchase in the long run. You can maybe save some 5000 dollars on a watch and thinking that you’ve shot the Parrot, but do not be deceived by the price and forget the booth. Prices on the service of vintage watches, can quickly run up in the thousands – especially if to change vital parts, so consider whether or not a nyserviceret watch is the 5000 dollars worth more.

It is also important to look at the exterior condition, which may be practiced many watches that look very smashed out at cheap prices. These are almost impossible to get rid of again and can thus turn out to be a really bad investment where you never get it saved back home versus a clock in good condition. If you purchase a watch in fine condition, you can, if you take care of it, would be almost certain to be able to sell it for the same or very likely earn on it.

How should I act?

Where you have to act largely depends on how much risk you are willing to take and how experienced you are at the market you are trading on. When we’re talking vintage clock, there are basically three ways to trade on. You can trade with private pages as dba, ebay and the like, you can trade with dealers who specialises in second hand watches and you can choose to buy watches at auctions for example at

In general I would advise against to trade vintage watches and clocks in al almind equality, on online auction sites. There have been examples of impure is not as described, reviews are often quirky and you must pay the fee to the auction pages. You can in some cases make a good deal, if you’re 100% inside the product you are offering, but unless you know what you’re doing, I would advise against internet auctions.

Then there is the private trade, which in many cases can be really great if you take the precautions I described in the section “buy sell”. You act on the Danish market, most sellers honest enthusiasts you can count on. All this talk about copy and fraud may well be dissuasive, but keep in mind that it is the few crooks that get all the attention. The many, many deals are going well, we usually never hear about. So take your precautions, and you should be dressed well.

The safest form of trade with vintage watches you can do is to act with used dealers. I would recommend this commercial kind to newbies, since it largely removes the risk of being scammed. The Danish used dealers is across a wide sill honest and fair ventures, I recall only very rarely to have heard of dissatisfied customers, and can’t come in thinking about outright fraud. The price is maybe a bit higher, but personally I would like to pay a little more for the advice and security which used dealers can offer. Although the Danish dealers have a good reputation, of course, you should still follow the precautions described in section “buy sell”.

Finally, there is the option to trade online abroad through pages such as Again, I say; are you a first-time buyer should you like on an extra time before migrating thousands of dollars to someone in Italy you have never met. If an offer is too good to be true, it very likely scams. You are at a disadvantage as a buyer if a watch is not as described in the ad and sell sitting far away in another country.

As mentioned, it is a question of how much risk you dry run. If you are experienced or know someone who can guide you, there is nothing in the way of saving a few dollars on the private market. Please be careful with your research and follow the advice in this article, so it should work. Are you a first-time buyer and do you think that the market is large and confusing, my advice is to buy your vintage watch with a specialized dealer. The extra dollars they cost come again through ejerglæde and security.