How to Call Confidential? Hi, TIM, Claro, Vivo …

You want to call someone, keeping your number private? Want to learn how to connect? Is it possible to make anonymous calls to your phone with some simple adjustments. All smartphones comes with the ability to block the source of the call. Once you change your phone to block caller ID, the phone receiver will display your number as unknown or anonymous when you call. This is a good precaution when binding to an unknown person or link back to unfamiliar number.

How to Connect Confidentially?

This article describes different methods for make free calls from phones with operating systems iOS, Android or Windows. All these mobile platforms has an option to block caller ID. This means that you can set on a permanent basis to block your number when you make outgoing calls.

For Those Who Just Want to Lock the Call ID in Some Cases

Just call confidential # 31 #, which is a code for the blocking of your number. Dial # 31 # + (phone number). Long distance, sisque # 31 # + 0 + (code operator) + (city code) + (phone number). This method allows you to lock the ID for any type of phone, regardless of operating system that you use. Simple no? It is a way to connect with private code for such a block.

How to Connect Phone with iOS System Private?

To call confidential with iPhone, which boasts the iOS system, you need to use the built-in feature to hide your number when you make all outgoing calls. You can configure this feature by following these steps.

Open the “settings” of your iPhone

Tap “Phone”

Tap “Show my number”

Slide to “Off”

How to Connect Android System Phone Private?

To call confidential with Android, it’s quite simple, even if you have a device purchased directly with the carrier. It is not necessary to learn how to connect confidentially of course, or learn a specific form for the carrier to make confidential calls.

Select “Settings”

Select “call Settings”

Tap “additional settings”

Tap “Call-ID” and “hide”

How to Connect Mobile with Confidential Windows Phone System?

The Windows Phone system comes with the same resource that iOS and Android to hide the number. With the popularity of cheaper phones with the Windows Phone operating system, now you like call Tim to Tim, confidential even without using the carrier to hide the caller ID for you.

On the home screen, select “Start”

Select “Settings”

Select “Phone”

Scroll to and select “caller ID”

In “Provide my identity”, go to the left or to the right until the options “none” or “Just my contacts”, and click “done”

Final Considerations

You can call confidential alive, call confidential Hi and do the same with other carriers through the chip settings configuration, obscuring or blocking the calling number identification.

The private number is good, as long as you deal with an unknown person or linking back to an unfamiliar number. If you really want to change your number to a different number, you will need to replace your chip YES, use another phone, a phone with two (or more) chips. It is also possible to use VoIP to keep their number hidden.

You hide your number? How do you hide your number? I’ve saved you some risk or delicate situation?