How to Care for the Bride before the Wedding Dress

To find the ideal wedding dress requires time and patience. Once we have the wedding dress at home, it is very important that care for it properly, so to get the day of the wedding look radiant and without imperfections.

Tips and advice for caring for your wedding dress

Keep it very well

When you take the wedding dress home, you have to keep it very well. The first thing you should do is to cover the dress with a plastic bag, then hang on a rack. Another way is to carefully fold the gown, then you wrap it with tissue paper and then put it in a box.

Try 2 times on your wedding dress

You have to try the dress on two occasions, the first when entering your House dress and the second must do it days prior to wedding. Doing this you will know if you’ve gained weight or if it has fallen.

It is placed in a closed room dress

No-iron finish the wedding dress you should hang in a taut hanger and comes to put it away from children. It is better that you put your dress in a locked room, to which only enter your trust people.

Be very careful with deodorants and perfumes

When you put the wedding dress, you must be very careful with deodorants and perfumes, because they are products that can stain the dress fabric and damage its elegance.

Apply makeup before you dress

If you’re wearing painted fingernails, I advise you to paint them a day in advance, in that way the paint will dry and when you put the dress is not despintará and will not damage clothing.

Be careful your dress during the reception

During the celebration of the wedding dress can stain, so you must be very careful. If you stained your dress never try to remove it rubbing the fabric, it is better to place a napkin over the stain and strongly pressures.

Discover how to choose the perfect bridal bouquet

First choose the dress and then the bridal bouquet

Don’t forget that you must first choose your dress and then the bridal bouquet. Dresses that have much volume, embroidery, beadwork and elaborate dresses, combine very well with simple classes and without much color contrast. The sophisticated bridal bouquets or bunches that are vivid colors, coordinate well with plain and simple dresses.

Choose the shape of the roma taking into account your silhouette

To choose the shape of the bouquet you must consider the shape of your silhouette. Brides of stature must choose a bride that is short or round bouquet. Cascading bouquets are not ideal for Petite brides, because cut figure and make you lose symmetry. Cascading bouquets are perfect for tall brides, or elongated.

Choose the seasonal flowers and taking into account the look that you want to display

To create a romantic and classic look, I advise you to choose a bridal bouquet that has the following combination: Roses, orchids in pastel shades, green and Brown foliage.